From paper to the big screen: The Fault in Our Stars

tumblr_my0b9w0oK71qjhzvpo1_500When I read The Fault in Our Stars, I was immediately taken by the heart into this crazy brilliant and beautifully epic love story between Hazel and Augustus. (Click HERE for my review of the book.) It was such an intensely emotional thing that I refused to open the book ever again for fear that my freshly fallen tears would slip out and no longer be living inside the story. I remember feeling so much emotion during the entire novel and when I heard that it was going to be turned into a film, I admit, I was terrified about the idea. I mean, how could I not be? Looking at other film adaptations of beloved books, it made me think that this profoundly moving story just could never be adequately captured on the big screen. How could they possibly take such incredibly written characters and bring them to life without our imaginations doing the work? How could they ever find anyone to play such important roles such as these? How could anyone be able to tell this story, with all of its beauty and grace, in a cinematic performance? Well, all of my answers came to me tonight as I sat in the theater, ugly crying and wiping my tear-soaked face on my jacket because I had forgotten to bring my damn tissues. This book was so epically wonderful that bringing it to life seems easy. It felt seamless and as comfortable as your favorite blanket on a cold day. Everything about it flowed along much the same way as the novel itself, feeling as if we’ve known these characters for a lifetime and they’ve merely invited us over for a spot of tea and a tray of desserts. tfios-still

Shailene Woodley, who is, in my opinion, the biggest thing to hit Hollywood since Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence, was the perfect Hazel Grace. She was flawless and so believable in this role that I forgot she was acting. Nat Wolff as Isaac, Laura Dern as Hazel’s mother, and Willem Dafoe as Peter Van Houten, were spectacular choices as well. But the most incredibly cast person in this film was Ansel Elgort in the role of Augustus Waters. He sparkled on the screen, completely stealing my heart the exact same way that Augustus did in the book. I cried for him and for Hazel and even for poor Isaac from the initial credits all the way through to the final ones. Happy tears and sad mixed with small giggles and a few guffaws made for an incredible 2 hours. This movie was an emotional roller coaster that could only go up and I never wanted to get off. I am so thrilled that John Green’s brilliant novel was done such justice with the impeccable casting and sticking to the novel almost 100% all the way through. The only changes were minimal and had zero negative impact on the films final result, it was pure magic all the way through.

StarsSo, without giving away anything to those of you who perhaps haven’t read the book (are you friggin’ kidding me?!?!) and for those of you who are die hard fans of Green, like I am, I will wrap this up here. Go see the movie because the pain of this story demands to be felt! Just don’t forget your tissues like I did, my jacket felt like I was carrying around a small ocean afterward, an ocean of AWESOME! 😉

DFTBA Nerdfighters!



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