Twaddle & Gobbledygook

So, it’s been a super long time since I posted anything on here. I began Bachelor courses this summer and they’ve been taking up a lot more time than I had originally anticipated. Plus, on top of that, I created a new blog site here that is specifically dedicated to reading and book reviews. It’s been slow going so far but I’m really enjoying the new community and sharing my thoughts with other book lovers like me. ANYWAY, I figured that it was time for a randomized blabbering kind of post, so here we go. 😀cheshire-cat-bright1920x108011. I’ve recently heard people saying that certain celebrities are their “spirit animals” and it got me thinking of who mine would be. I narrowed it down to Melissa McCarthy, Jennifer Lawrence & Emma Stone. I mean, are there better chicks than them? Shut your face…the answer is no! They are beautiful, hilarious, and perfectly themselves all of the time.

2. As you all know from my Orange is the New Black post a couple months ago, I am a hardcore Netflixer! Haha! I can binge watch any day, any time and my newest favorite show is House of Cards. It is AWESOME SAUCE! I once thought that I was a fan of Kevin Spacey but I had no idea what being a fan really meant until this show. He is just so phenomenal I can’t even string together a fully coherent sentence to describe his bad-assery. If you’re not watching the show, clearly you’ve found yourself a nice rock to live under.

3. I just celebrated my 31st birthday on August 17th! YAY me! 🙂

4. I also just celebrated my SECOND wedding anniversary and our 4th year together as a couple on August 23rd! YAY us! 🙂

5. August rocks…however, the weather doesn’t. This summer has been one of the worst ever with the heat index making days here 105! Bring on winter please!

6. I tried carrot juice this morning, mainly because I have seen people drink it and the orange color just looks so inviting and happy. Yeah, it’s just a pretty drink on the outside NOT on the inside. I wanted to vomit as the disgustingly-sweet-carroty-milky-orange liquid sat on my tongue. It took everything in me to swallow that small sip and I immediately tossed that bottle into the trash. EW!

7. Why are there a zillion Red Robin commercials when there are ZERO locations anywhere around here?

8. I’ve been thinking about how I don’t feel any older with this birthday and then I realized that the clear sign of aging is when you find yourself fantasizing over household appliances. Haha! For instance, I was at Home Depot recently and I just could not stop making eyes at this Electrolux steam washer/dryer set. They were so damn sexy, even my clothes wanted to jump off of me and get inside them! Then earlier tonight my mom bought me a new vacuum and I am so excited to use it that I want to break it out of the box now, at 3AM.

9. I just finished watching the seasons of Mad Men and it has left me fantasizing about endless glasses of whiskey, taking up smoking again, and frolicking about NYC as an Ad Man getting it on with whomever I fancy. Then my fantasy bubble pops and I realize that I’m not Don Draper. *sigh*

10. Earlier this week I lost my phone and was searching all over my car for it, only to then find it in my hand the whole time! Then yesterday, as I was heading out to pick my husband up from work (it was still dark) I went to my car and kept pushing the “unlock” button on my remote. Nothing was happening and I was completely confused. Well, it turns out I wasn’t standing in front of my car but was instead standing in front of my neighbors car which is the same make and model but a different color. This all made me think of this hilarious commercial and so I leave you with this. “No, it’s absolutely pronounced ON-DEEV”



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