Share A Coke Summer Tour

IMG_3597About a week ago my husband, Matt, discovered a Coca Cola booth set up on our college campus. He said that the line of people was so long that he had to wait almost an hour to even get to the front to really see what the fuss was all about. Being a Coke lover, it really didn’t matter to him what he was in line for, if it was a sampling or anything to do with the soda, Matt would wait all day. Haha! Well it turned out to be a really AWESOME thing! Coke has been running this campaign all summer, which I am sure you’ve all seen in your grocery stores on every 20oz. bottle and can. It is #ShareACoke with a friend and there are 250 names in circulation across the US. Unfortunately, because of my name being spelled with a K (Krystal) I could not find any with my name BUT this pop up Coke booth rectified that for all of us with unique names. Here was a chance to type in your own name into their computer and the booth would pop out a customized mini can of soda with your name printed on it. Naturally Matt was so excited when he got to the front of the line and realized this because he knew I’d be over the moon about it, and I was.

IMG_3590So after he got our cans made and I posted them on my Facebook, all of my friends began commenting that they wanted their names too. Some of them have names that are literally impossible to find (like Dudley) and my mom and stepdad also have names that aren’t on any cans (Violet & Chuck). Well, turns out that the booth at our school was only there for that one day and I was so bummed. Then I decided to check out Coke’s website and SURPRISE! there was going to be another pop up tour today at a grocery store in Fort Lauderdale. Matt and I were stoked about it and since this one was only going to be an hour long, we made sure to get down there early and ended up being first in line. Luckily, I suppose due to the rainy weather today, hardly anyone showed up so the Coke employees let everyone in the line come back around as much as we wanted in that hour to get cans, two per person at a time. This then turned into an insane merry-go-round where Matt and I ended up in line a bunch of times and we left with fourteen cans. All of the feedback we’ve gotten so far has been incredible, our friends and family are so excited that we did this for them today and it feels great to have brought a touch of happiness to their lives. I’m not sure how long the tour is going to last, especially given that summer is on its way out (YAY), but if you’re interested in this brilliant marketing campaign then check out their website here: Coke Summer Tour and enter your location so that hopefully you and your loved ones can get some custom made mini cans too. 😀IMG_3592IMG_3593IMG_3594


4 thoughts on “Share A Coke Summer Tour

    • Krystal says:

      Well nice to get your real name! 🙂 My name and a few of these aren’t available here in the US either. I was stoked to find the custom printing machine for them. Saved us a trip to Paris I guess…although I would trade all the cans for that! Ha!


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