It’s hard to say goodbye…

EmilysQuotes.Com-door-balance-success-hope-encouragment-inspirational-Zig-ZiglarFor the past few years, I’ve had a very love/hate relationship with Facebook. It is either getting under my skin or making me sing its praises in a kind of bipolar situation, and this week is no different. A few days ago, while scrolling through my news feed, I saw a rather upsetting post from a friend of mine. She is someone that was once one of my best friends and I still care about her very much but unfortunately our life paths have sent us in different directions. This is one of those times where I absolutely love Facebook because without that annoyingly lovely website, this friend of mine may have been lost to me forever, but Facebook has allowed our different paths to be united again. But I digress. Her post was about the loss of her father and while I didn’t know him personally, having only met him less than a handful of times, it still knocked the wind out of me.

This got me thinking about all of the goodbyes we face as human beings. Those that we control and those we don’t, either by the unpredictability of death or by our own choosing. I have been thinking about people and things that I do not want in my life as I continue to get older as well as those people and things I do want and it’s been pretty eye opening. While I found myself crying for my dear friend and her unbearable loss, I also found it a time of reflection for me. It was a chance to evaluate what I am doing in my life and I found that there are quite a few things I am looking to change as well as things that I am really pleased with up to now.

My husband and I have been talking a lot about our short/long term goals and we have developed a nice little five year plan. I won’t get too into that here but one of the key things is moving out of Florida. We have our sights set on Atlanta, Georgia right now and I am really excited by the idea. I want our future to be made up of choices that make us the happiest versions of ourselves. I don’t want to waste a single moment of this life because, while it is literally the longest thing we all will ever do, it moves rapidly and we are in the drivers seat. While death isn’t a pleasant thing, it is also a reminder that we are still here. So, I challenge every one of you to evaluate your lives. Reach out toward the things that bring you joy and leave the rest behind. do-something-for-your-future-self


6 thoughts on “It’s hard to say goodbye…

  1. r ortner says:

    Sounds like a good plan. Always wise to look ahead, one doesn’t leave home on a trip without a bag. At the same time your comment regarding being in the drivers seat is a life reality many people miss.


  2. The Guat says:

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuude what an awesome post. I had this same epiphany a while back and make it a point to check myself on a monthly basis now to see if I’m on the still on the path and ridding myself of the toxic people, things, or situations that interfere with being the best version of myself. I still talk to my mentor, who is now reaching 80 and he reminds me that life is both long and short and before you know it, I’ll be 80. So I remind myself every morning that at the end of the day whatever it is I’m doing throughout day I need to remember to leave my tank on E when night falls otherwise what are you doing. I try to surround myself with readings or shows or moments that remind me of that and this post helps me on track today. THANKS! And I love that quote you have at the bottom. Awesome.


    • Krystal says:

      Haha! Thanks a bunch, Guat! Glad you like the post! That’s so awesome that you have a mentor like that and being 80 you must learn so much from him/her. It’s great when we place value in things/people that make us better. That’s such a vital thing that many people miss.


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