All about that holiday magic…

For anyone who knows me, the holiday season is my absolute favorite time of year. I wait, and wait, and wait a whole bunch more for those brief cool fronts we get here in Florida. For the stores to begin putting up Christmas decorations, for tree lots to be bursting at the seams with freshly cut pines, for turkeys to be roasted so we can stuff our bellies like bowls full of jelly, for the holiday merriment to wash over everyone, putting smiles on even once grimacing faces. It is a magical time where even the bah humbugs that threaten this world fade into the background because I only have eyes for Rudolph and his friends, jingling across the starry night sky.largeIt’s early December and while the weather is not quite where I’d hoped it would be, my sunroof is getting a lot of action these days. The Christmas carols have begun and I’ve been singing along to my hearts content, daydreaming about building a snowman with Anna and Elsa. It’s just a blissful time of year where we have Starbucks red cups in hand while steaming full speed ahead on our own versions of the Polar Express toward Christmas. What could be sweeter than all of this? Well, not much but the past few weeks have been totally awesome…filled with perfectly timed things that only add to my jubilation. So, in my ever-present need to make lists, here are a few happy things I’m grateful and excited about:

1. The fall semester is ending this coming week and classes don’t start up again until January 5th, which totally rocks! (Jingle Bell Rock? ALWAYS…but it must be the original Bobby Helms version otherwise I’m just not interested.)

2. My husband got a raise at work and a newish schedule where he will be off every Friday and Saturday now instead of being on rotating days. His manager also told him that they are hoping to move him out of that department and into a different one within 6 months. Yay!

3. Thanksgiving was AMAZEBALLS!!! My mom is the Queen of turkey day dinners, a fact that might make me biased but I’m pretty confident that she rules all here. Anyway, she had her gallbladder taken out the day after Thanksgiving of 2012 and since then we’ve kind of been put off by the whole thing BUT I am really happy that the tradition is back and that everything went so smoothly this time around. Definitely something to be thankful for…along with her delicious meal!

4. We got our Christmas tree thanksgiving weekend…we still need to decorate it though. Hoping to do that soon.

5. One of my longtime friends reached out to me a few days ago and we’re going to get together next week to catch up. It was a nice surprise and comes at a perfect time. It’s funny how things like this work out. I feel as if she has some kind of psychic connection to me, knowing instinctively that it was a good time to reach out. Amazing how life works isn’t it? Such a beautifully bizarre thing it is.

6. My in-laws are getting us the NutriBullet Pro 900 for Christmas! I cannot wait to make homemade smoothies to bring to school! Buying the juices/smoothies at the store are killing my budget plus I am excited to know exactly what’s going into my drinks. I’ve already stocked up on frozen fruits…I’m ready, Santa baby!

7. My moms job has requested that I wrap the books that they give to their clients again this year…all 300 of them. I’m a professional wrapper at this point…maybe I should put that on my resume! Elf duties! HAHA! Seriously though, I love doing this every year because it not only helps my mom and her job but they usually pay me a nice amount that adds to my Christmas fund. Win-win for us all!

8. It’s raining right now AND WordPress has the falling snow on our sites again! (I know, this is super random but I dig that.)



2 thoughts on “All about that holiday magic…

  1. nymuse88 says:

    Hey girl! Glad you had a good holiday and we have yet another thing in common with our love for Christmas!! Have a wonderful new year and congrats on your site’s stats as well 😉 Looking forward to more of your posts in the new year.

    Liked by 1 person

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