Dance like you mean it!

tumblr_lkei5kc4UX1qj6gx8o1_r1_500I’ve always loved the quote above, regardless of who actually said it, because it’s always made me feel as though life is only worth living if you’re having fun. Singing has never been one of my talents and when I dance I look like an idiot, but that doesn’t stop me from doing those things. I sing in the shower, in the car, and while vacuuming my home. I dance all over too, even when there isn’t any music on, because I carry beats in my head. Playing air guitar and drums, pretending to have fans; these little moments are my time with myself and during them the only judge around is me.

This got me thinking about anthems for the new year. Songs that make me tap my foot, snap my fingers, hum and eventually sing along. Those tunes that get in my head and stay there because they are just that good, and so I came up with a playlist of music that is somewhat current and is on repeat whenever I play it. Hopefully you’ll enjoy these songs as much as I do, especially the ones you may not have heard yet, and please feel free to share any music that makes you shake your tail feathers as well. My iTunes library is just itching to grow. 🙂 (FYI all of the song titles below are linked to each youtube video for easy listening.)


1. Shake it Off – Taylor Swift
When you listen to Taylor it’s easy to get Swift up, so go on and do that! She’s so charming and adorably herself all the time. I love her. This song is the perfect anthem.

2. Rather Be – Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynne

3. Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars
Everything about it is “get up and move” and I dare you to sit still.

4. Get Ready – Lady, The Band
You know those nifty little cards Starbucks has by the registers that give away free songs and games? Well, over a year ago that’s how this little soul-packed gem entered my life and it’s beyond awesome.

5. I Bet My Life – Imagine Dragons

6. A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay
One of the best bands in existence…if you haven’t seen this video, check it out. It’s wonderful.

7. Heartbeat Song – Kelly Clarkson
My favorite gal just released this song, one of the first of 2015 to hit my ears, and I love it. I’m also kind of reminded of this song by Fall Out Boy (still my jam) when she gets to the “up, up, up” part in the chorus.

8. Centuries – Fall Out Boy

9. All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor
She’s not the best dancer, she is a super unconventional rapper-type chick who can also sing, and she brought booty back (even though she’s pretty thin but her heart is in the right place and for that reason I love her). Plus she gave us one of the best lyrics ever, “every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.” 😀

10. Ghost – Ella Henderson

11. Echosmith – Cool Kids

12. Yellow Flicker Beat – Lorde
This song isn’t too fast but it’s completely badass and I could listen to anything by this girl. She’s amazing.

13. One Republic – I Lived


Now it’s your turn…what has you moving and shaking right now?


6 thoughts on “Dance like you mean it!

    • Krystal says:

      Oh good, glad to bring the song by Lady to your life, mom. It’s so great! I was going to include Happy but I was mainly focusing on songs I’m obsessed with right now. Still love it though. 🙂


  1. The Guat says:

    You know you’re rocking out and getting into the groove whenever Bruno Mars sings, dances, or performs anything! Uptown Funk is our feel-good jam here, we listen to it everyday.


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