Saying goodbye to the Braverman’s

tumblr_ms5no0xOdd1qbsynzo1_1280It’s a crazy thing when you fall in love with a television family. The entire process is so completely unexpected as you tune in to that first episode, not knowing what to expect for the next hour, and then all of a sudden you’re involved. The show sucks you into it’s vortex of family drama and love and before you know it, you’ve spent six seasons with this family and you’re unsure how to let go of them.

Parenthood is one of these shows for me, just like Gilmore Girls and Brothers & Sisters, this family grabbed hold of my heart from that very first episode and hung on tight. It’s said that all good things must come to an end at some point and tonight, after six beautiful years with the Braverman clan, that time came. It was bittersweet watching this episode as we got to see our beloved characters come full circle and truly be where they all belong. It was a series full of wonderful moments, both funny and heartbreaking, and I am so glad that I got to experience it.

In this finale episode, there is a sense of closure from the beginning to the end. I felt overjoyed to watch Sarah and Hank get married and to witness the developments of the rest of the family as well. The writing on this show is superb and the acting is brilliant, together that makes for a powerful duo and if you have not had the pleasure of knowing this family yet, you’re seriously missing out. This family felt so real and they touched on so many true to life stories that pulled heavy on the heartstrings. Curve balls such as Max having Asperger’s, Christina being diagnosed with cancer, and Zeke having heart troubles. Characters lost their jobs and got new ones, broke up with their romantic partners, got married, had babies, bought houses, had tons of huge family events…they all took risks and some paid off while some didn’t. The topics were geared toward the viewers and I know we all related to them. There is just something magical about a show like this where the writing and acting are so perfect that they become something more than just another hour long drama. This was like hanging out with your loved ones every week and catching up. If you’re a fan, you know exactly what I mean.

The bottom line is that while I am devastated about this show being over, I know that it was time for it to end. Jason Katims did a great job fulfilling every want I had for this finale, although I do wish it had been two hours instead of one. My eyes are puffy, my nose is red and swollen, and my face is soaked with tears that are still escaping my eyes as I write this. (Who knew there was this much water in my tear ducts?) So mission accomplished. The show went out the way it came into my life; as an emotional roller coaster ride that you just never want to get off of. Thank you to everyone on the show and to the creators for bringing such a wonderful family into my home for six years. You will all be missed. It’s been a great ride!





One thought on “Saying goodbye to the Braverman’s

  1. Violet says:

    As I have not watched this final episode yet, I sit here reading this with blurred eyes. I cannot believe this has to come to an end. My heart is torn and another family in our life has gone and left us. Great post. I wish the BRAVERMAN’S could read this

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