Don’t dig in yet, I need to take a picture!

instagram2I’ve spent an insane amount of time these past few days jumping from account to account on Instagram. Some profiles led me to new food products to check out (like a healthier version of Nutella!) and personal blogs that have made me super hungry and intrigued by a popular food lifestyle roaming social media these days. The thing that they all have in common is food, and not just cooking yummy eats, but also taking pictures of it all to inspire people to not only eat better but to also slow down and enjoy our lives.

This got me thinking about making healthier food choices (most of what I was IG stalking were Paleo accounts, a.k.a. that popular food lifestyle I mentioned above) and I had a sort of revelation: what if taking pictures of everything we eat, regardless of how annoying some people find it, can actually help us to be more accountable for the things that we decide to munch on? I mean, it isn’t a far-fetched idea. It is almost like keeping a food diary but instead of writing it down we are snapping photos of pretty dishes before we consume them. It puts a whole new spin on stopping everyone at the table from eating until you get the perfect shot of your food. Now, you can just tell people, “I’m capturing what I eat to benefit my health.” Haha!

Anyway, these accounts had so many images of drool worthy meals that you’d think these people do nothing but eat but most of all, it was intriguing. It inspired me to go out and look at cookbooks for this “caveman diet” that’s become the “Paleo fad” and you know what? I really like a lot of what I’ve read so far. The concept is pretty simple and the best part is that you get to actually eat real food. It’s like clean eating, which I’ve been incorporating into my life little by little, as much as I can for a while now, but it’s been a slow transition. Unfortunately, due to being a student and thereby living on a smaller income while finishing up school, we just don’t have a large enough food budget for an all organic diet. Those pretty fruits and veggies at Whole Foods and Fresh Market can get pretty pricey…plus they are super irresistible too so before long your cart is full and your wallet is empty. But luckily we have more Trader Joe’s opening all around here now and they have great produce, among other things. It also helps that my mom works for a high end meat company so she keeps my husband and I stocked up in that department. We also received a new NutriBullet Pro 900 from my mother-in-law for Christmas and we can’t wait to start using it toward a healthier lifestyle. So from here on out, let’s capture our food for the sake of our best selves! 😉 Happy snapping (and eating) blog people.

*NOTE: A portion of the posts found on this blog include foods that may be deemed unhealthy and this isn’t a health food blog. It is just about good eats, regardless of what they are, but I promise to offer more healthy posts as I mosey along in this transition of mine.


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