My Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend


Usually my husband has to work on Valentine’s Day but this year, now that his schedule has changed at work, he has every Friday and Saturday off. So, while I go out for my usual Friday night dinner with my mama, he now joins my stepdad for band practice (he watches and dreams of one day playing guitar too). But anyway, here’s a little breakdown of my weekend:

For dinner on Friday night, my mom and I tried out our new Bonefish Mac’s Sports Grille that just opened up in town and we loved it. We shared an appetizer of Philly Wrappers and for dinner my mom had a Mahi Reuben sandwich and I had a Lobster Roll. To drink mom had a Prickly Pear Margarita and I had an Uncle Joe’s Island Punch. Everything was super tasty and this restaurant is definitely a good addition to our area…but for more details on our experience check out my foodie blog, Love & Lemonades. 😀 Afterward we went over to our local Starbucks for #StarbucksDate and had a fun little time with our favorite barista’s. (see pic above) They even saved us some cute photo props and made us tiramisu lattes that are due to hit menus soon.

Saturday, or rather VALENTINE’S DAY, my hubby and I got up early and spent the whole day together. We got lunch at Jimmy John’s Subs, which was awesome (we might have a sub addiction lol), went to the library, went to Target and got lost in all that goodness for hours, and had a mini photo shoot with our Starbucks props from Friday night. (see pic below) For dinner we had hibachi at Saito’s Japanese Steakhouse and watched a movie at home. Then I made molten chocolate cakes from scratch as part of my guy’s gift. They turned out great! (Again, see my food blog for more details) Matt gave me a gigantic heart and bear balloon, a super cute card, and a GORGEOUS mala necklace from Tiny Devotions that was created by my favorite Desire Mapping goddess, Danielle LaPorte. It hasn’t arrived yet but I’ve been lusting over it for months and I am so excited for it to arrive…pics to come when it does!

Sunday we had a wonderful brunch with my mom and stepdad at Cafe Maxx in Pompano Beach, FL. The food was incredible but the company was even better. We had a great time. Afterward Matt and I went over to Barnes & Noble to hang out for a while before he had to go to work. It was a great weekend full of love, family, and awesome food. It doesn’t get better than that. 😀 I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday weekend as well, including those who celebrated Galentine’s Day and/or single awareness day (which I’ve seen quite a bit online so I guess it’s a thing now). It doesn’t matter what you celebrated, I just hope you had a happy time with whatever you did. xoxo



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