How do you FitBit?

57301150A little over a year ago, my mom bought my husband and I the little FitBit Zip’s for Christmas. Since then, we used them on and off as we remembered to put them on, and had some fun competitions on the iPhone app. The device itself is a great idea but the clip style can be problematic because you have to move it from outfit to outfit, either wearing it in the middle of your shirt/bra or on the waist of your pants. Neither felt comfortable and eventually we stopped using them.

Well, about a month ago, my mom bought herself a Fitbit Flex, which is one of the wristband options that you can also wear into the shower. It’s easier to maintain this one since it isn’t necessary to ever remove it unless you want to, which probably won’t happen often once you start using it. She bought me one as well after using hers for a little bit and ever since, I try to get in my steps wherever I am. Cooking dinner – stepping in place, watching my nightly TV shows – walking back and forth across the living room. I have also begun parking a little further away from my apartment so that I can get my steps in and we will walk around stores like Target for hours attempting the same. It’s a competitive thing for sure, especially with the ability to “friend” people like you would on Facebook, only here you challenge each other to such weekly events like, “Weekend Warrior,” “Workweek Hustle,” “Goal Day,” and “Daily Showdown.” These provide a sort of chat area where you can invite up to 10 other users on your friend list to take the challenge and then you stay up to date with each others progress, with the added awesomeness of taunting them or cheering them on. Whoever wins gets a trophy at the end of the challenge (a picture of one, not a real one) and bragging rights. It’s. Freaking. AWESOME SAUCE!

The other awesome thing about wearing the Flex is that when you reach your daily goal, the bracelet vibrates and the lights on it do a little dance. When I first got mine, I was barely hitting 5,000 steps a day, but the next week I hit 10,000 steps a few times and it made me want even more. Obviously this product isn’t going to do any work for you, and it certainly isn’t forcing anyone to use it, BUT once you start playing around with the app’s features and you begin gaining steps you start feeling like a boss. It’s my newest addiction now that I never have to remove it and I am ever so thankful (per usual) to my mom for gifting me something so awesome!


Do you have a FitBit or any other step counting device? Tell me what you think of it in the comments!


2 thoughts on “How do you FitBit?

  1. Violet says:

    Totally an awesome device. I too feel like its a challenge (in a very positive and fun way) to meet my steps each day. I am so happy that we both have found something that motivates us. Keep Stepping On and Out my beautiful daughter.

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