Friday I’m in love with food #4

Hey guys and gals, welcome to my new series where I highlight my weekly dinners with my mom. We frequent the same places often and try new places when we can, but we always try new things wherever we go. So enjoy the photos and reviews I offer here…and we will continue to enjoy the good eats! 😉

Unknown-1Restaurant: Bonefish Grill

Location: Coral Springs, Florida

Price Range: Moderate

Food Type: Seafood, Poultry, Salads, Etc.


Ocean Trust Tropic Heat Martini – Absolut vodka infused with pineapples, muddled mango, lemon juice, and a slice of jalapeño.

Blackberry Sangria – Served with fresh fruit in a wine glass.

Chicken Teriyaki Bowl – Chicken served with fried rice and mango salsa, topped with chopped peanuts and peanut sauce.

Shrimp Pad Thai – Rice noodles mixed with shrimp, green onions, peanuts, egg, and Pad Thai sauce.


My mom and I love Bonefish Grill. LOVE it. Whenever we go there we always have excellent food and the service is usually also very good. The only problem that we have with this restaurant chain is that, regardless of which location you visit, the wait times are insane, 7 days a week. Whenever we have chosen Bonefish (not to be confused with Bonefish Mac’s) for our Friday night dinner, we’ve had to wait, on average, about 1-2 hours for a table. Ultimately it is worth the wait though, at least to us, although my mom does feel that they should have some sort of appetizers or nibbles passed around to the massive amount of waiting guests, but I digress.

The food this past Friday was delicious, per usual. I had the blackberry sangria (which I am obsessed with) and the chicken teriyaki bowl. The bowl is something I normally would turn my nose up to, as I am not a fan of teriyaki sauce, but I have been trying to branch out lately so I figured, why not? I am so glad that I put my ill feelings toward the sauce aside because this meal was DEEEElicious! The chicken was juicy and tender, the sauces were so flavorful, and the mango salsa added a nice punch that I wasn’t expecting. My mom had the shrimp pad thai along with a martini that was equal parts fruit and spice. She enjoyed her meal as well although, because both her meal and drink were spicy, she was having a small fire in her mouth about halfway through and had to get a to go box. They should truly devote more time with being consistent with the spiciness of dishes like this one. She orders the pad thai often and this was the first time it was overly spicy which was a bummer to someone who is really hungry after waiting almost two hours.

After dinner, because we weren’t ready to head home yet, we went to Barnes & Noble to peruse some books and have an after dinner coffee. What can I say, we have a java addiction of sorts and we don’t want a cure! Haha! Anyway, have any of you ever eaten at a Bonefish Grill location? If so, what do you think of it? Stay tuned for this week’s Friday Night post…we are headed to our favorite movie theater, iPic, to dine on some yummy eats and watch Insurgent.



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