The best part of waking up

Gooooooood Morning, WordPress! Happy Friday to you all!

10955340_10153552997848265_4585679008927759129_nSo I’ve been craving a smoothie all week and for some reason it has taken me until today to finally get one. Usually I’d make my own but I just didn’t feel like it this week. I also wanted some oatmeal, which is kind of an odd combination given that one is hot and one is cold, but I guess it still works. Anyway, Starbucks has great smoothies and oatmeal, because like most coffee places these days, they are so much more than java. It really was the perfect choice for what I wanted, plus I am a bit of an addict of the siren brand. 😉

I ordered the mango orange smoothie which has a mixture of juice, a whole banana, whey protein and fiber, milk (I got coconut), and ice in it. Let me just say that this thing was so perfectly sweetened and full of a wonderful fruity creaminess, I just wish that I had another one once I sucked up my final sip. As for the oatmeal, I ordered their classic whole grain oats topped with dried fruit, nuts and a bit of brown sugar. I love their simple foods and whenever I can get one, I purchase their greek yogurt with honey and coconut macaroon granola…sadly they sell out really quickly but it’s so worth it to always check. That granola is definitely something to write home about. But I digress. Breakfast was a total success.

Craving satisfied! YUM!


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