Laughter, good food, and amazing company


[What would Easter be without a visit from my baby boy, Cannoli?]

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. Mine was pretty low key and exactly what I had hoped for. School has been crazy busy this semester since I am trying to cram as many classes that will satisfy my major requirements into the shortest amount of time I can manage. I seriously considered taking six classes per semester but unfortunately my university doesn’t offer everything I need each term so that goal was cut off at the knees. I just really want to graduate and get back to work already. (Yes, I’m serious!) But I digress. Things have been busy  and therefore a chill holiday weekend was absolutely perfect for us.

On Friday, I spent the evening with my mom as I usually do but we opted for takeout and a movie at home because she was a bit under the weather. I spent Saturday with my husband and it was basically a never-get-out-of-our-pjs kind of day as we loafed about and watched movies together. In between we did manage to run out to grab some dinner but we brought it home and continued our lazy day into the evening. For dinner we had Bru’s Room, which is a bar and grill type of place. I got grilled raspberry chicken wings and let me just tell you that they were absolutely delicious! I’m all about the combination of sweet and spicy flavors for wings and these suckers hit. the. spot. YUM! My hubby had ribs, which make his eyes pop out of his head like a cartoon character whenever he sees them on a menu. Needless to say, none were left over and I surprised that he didn’t try to gnaw on the bones. Haha! Anyway, for Easter Sunday we met my parents at one of our favorite restaurants nearby called, La Fontana.  It is this little Italian place that primarily has outdoor seating and my parents go so often that the entire waitstaff knows them and their usual order. (This happens a lot with the places we frequent.) Usually I go there for dinner and have their lobster ravioli (AMAZING!) but I was excited to go for lunch. I ordered the Fantasia Salad (see picture below) which had grilled chicken, mixed greens, fresh mango, raisins, and a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. (I like raspberry stuff, can you tell?) It was absolutely delicious and the perfect meal to have after such a lounge-filled weekend.
10475693_10153712411858265_114133349916523270_nTo round out our perfect little weekend, the hubby and I went to see Fast Seven and boy am I glad that I wore waterproof mascara! The movie was packed with the expected awesomeness that the Fast Franchise brings to the table, but it was also packed with so much more. Ever since the death of Paul Walker, fans have wondered how they’d pay tribute to him and the ending of this movie was exactly what I’d hoped for. Trust me, bring tissues to this one, and if you don’t find yourself crying by the time the credits roll, check your pulse to make sure that your heart is still beating. It was an absolutely beautiful way to end the film and our weekend together.


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