Painting for grown ups…

10570330_10153102031808265_1031023811930153436_nPainting parties are all the rage these days…you know the ones where you drink wine with your gal pals and follow an instructor as they guide you on how to paint a specific picture? Well, the craze over these classes are for good reason because they are totally awesome and everyone should be doing them. A friend of mine recently posted about her wine & paint experience which got me thinking about my own experience last year with my mom, and it occurred to me that I completely forgot to blog about it back then so I figured now is as good a time as any.

Last August, for my 31st birthday, my mom took me to a local place called Vino Van Gogh in Delray Beach, Florida and we had the best time. Our painting that day was an anchor, which wasn’t a coincidence because we searched their dates ahead of time for something we wanted to paint and since we 10354823_10153324887828265_1313323891334481281_nboth love nautical stuff, this one was perfect. The instructor was really great, along with the rest of the staff, and she made it a breeze to follow her. I love the outcome of both of our paintings, my only issue was that we didn’t get enough dry time in between layers of paint because since the place was so packed with people that day, the fans provided around the studio weren’t available for very long in between with so many people needing them. So, due to this, the paint didn’t dry completely and sort of streaked through my other colors…the finished product was better than I imagined it would be though because this streaking ended up making it look rustic in a way and therefore it ended up being exactly what I wanted. I also chose paint colors that match my bathroom decorations and I have loved seeing my creation on my wall every day. It’s such a cool feeling knowing that I made this piece of art myself, although it isn’t a technically difficult painting and it by no means makes me a professional painter, I feel accomplished nevertheless. Art has always been a passion of mine too so getting my feet wet in a new medium was very appealing. Check out our finished products below (mine is the orange anchor, mom’s is the navy1897028_10153102791193265_6509129079897123724_n):

10616101_10153102791288265_6289922302445077880_nHave any of you tried one of these wine & paint places? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience and if you haven’t been yet but want to go, I definitely urge you to do so! Trust me, you won’t regret it! πŸ˜€


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