Positive energy for your soul…and your wrist!

Two years ago, my mom and I took a trip up to Tarpon Springs, a quaint tourist trap about 45 minutes away from Tampa. As we explored this cute little sponge-diving city, we discovered a jewelry company called Alex & Ani. At the time we had no idea what these bangles were all about and although they were apparently taking New England by storm, they were new to us. Some of our cousins from Connecticut were down visiting us and they all went on and on about this company and how these things were a must have. Upon looking at the bangles, we didn’t need anymore convincing to dive right into this trend. They are all absolutely ADORABLE! The problem then became, which ones do we choose? Clearly buying them all right there on the spot would have been very impulsive and also destructive to our wallets, but we knew we had to start somewhere. So, I chose to buy myself the Tree of Life bangle because I love what it stands for:

The Tree of Life represents strong roots, consistent growth, and fruition. An acknowledgment of our commitment to nurture, love, and preserve the beauty of nature, wearing this charm evokes the eternal connection between mankind and Mother Earth. – Alex & Ani website

Aside from the charming whimsy that this jewelry line has, it is also made here in the U.S., is eco-conscious, and each piece is infused with positive energy, which is part of the company’s business model. So we not only look cute while wearing them, we also feel good about it too. Win-win!


Since then I have accumulated quite a large collection (see pic above of my 13 bracelets) and Alex & Ani has become much more than a New England trend…now these bangles can be seen on wrists all over the country and they’ve expanded to making earrings, necklaces, rings, handbags, and wallets now too. They also have bangles that are part of their “Charity by Design” line and those generally give about 20% of the sale directly to whatever charity the company is working with for that particular bracelet. The newest one in this line has my full attention as my next piece because I am obsessed with lemons (I even have a food blog named Love & Lemonades, so I’m seriously committed to the fruit. Haha!) and the charity helps childhood cancer. (Check it out here) But until I get my hands on this cute little lemon, I am enjoying my collection and my newest additions that my mom just got for me as we took a trip back to Tarpon Springs two years later, on the same week. It felt great to revisit the location where our love affair for this brand took off.

IMG_6561NOTE: I promise that I am not being paid for this endorsement, it’s just this easy to gush over such adorable jewelry. 😀 So, have you fallen in love with Alex & Ani yet?


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