When life hands you oranges…

oitnb-season-3-key-artIt’s been a year since season 2 of Orange is the New Black debuted on Netflix and the wait for season 3 is officially over! *breaks into happy dance* In an amazing stroke of luck, and brilliance on the behalf of Netflix, they released the show about six hours earlier than anticipated and fangirls, like me, were frothing at the mouth to hit that…play button. ;D

So far I’ve watched the first six episodes and yes, I realize this means that I am one of those people who stays up far past her bedtime to watch a show and I am totally cool with that. I won’t give anything away because that is the highest level of rude, but I will say that I am thrilled to be reunited with the girls in Litchfield Prison and here are a few things I can divulge without truly saying anything that wasn’t already known:

  • Alex is back!!! (and yeah, that’s me as Piper. HAHA!)1979656_10152917849543265_5654378972666718415_n
  • There is a new girl (Ruby Rose) that looks, to me, like a cross between Angelina Jolie, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus…with an Australian accent. She reminds me of someone who would be on L Word and that makes me like her more, even though we’ve barely scratched the surface of who she even is. 7b431e448ae21b940880fa090023f53a6be43f49
  • We are getting more flashbacks of characters that were looked over in the previous two seasons and that’s always fun. I love this aspect of the show because it adds depth to the characters and makes the viewers want to invest time in seeing what will happen to them.
  • Jason Biggs will not be whining on our screens this season, which is pretty exciting given the fact that he stopped being appealing after he had sex with an apple pie. Well, actually, he wasn’t appealing then either but I’m sure you get my point. Boy, bye!
  • Taryn Manning’s scenes are even funnier than seasons past, if you can even believe that. She. Is. Hysterical. and I love everything she does.
  • Pepperidge Farm’s Lemon Milano cookies are ah-mazing. This isn’t an OITNB reference but I did munch on a few while tuning in so it’s totally relevant. You’re welcome.
  • It was a pleasure watching the recap of last season and seeing Vee hit by that van again. I think I’ll even share a gif of this scene here for your viewing pleasure also. BOOM-Miss-Rosa-Knocks-Vee-Out

If you haven’t started season 3 yet, get on it. There is no time like the present. πŸ˜€ 11162190_10153896830408265_3002406395545165075_n


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