Happily obsessed nerdgasms

It’s no secret that I love posting random list type blogs on here that talk about anything and everything on my mind at any given moment and because it has been an insane amount of time since I last wrote something here on UnPo, I figured it was time to get back on the saddle for a gallop around WordPress with y’all! Are ya ready to giddy on up?! Let’s shake it off (the dust) and Swift it out…


1. My husband got himself a second job, which probably doesn’t sound like a big deal to anyone else but here’s why it is: he has a full-time overnight job in a labor intensive position and now he is working about 30 additional hours a week at my campus bookstore during the days while I am in classes. At this point we are both exhausted from driving all over and having so much to do, him more so than me given that he is doing manual labor in the second job too. I just don’t know how he does it but he amazes me. The effort he puts in is unmatched and I’m super proud of him.

2. I have an addiction to honey. Well, maybe it isn’t an addiction per se yes it is, but it is a great love affair that I have no interest in stopping. So, yesterday I discovered granulated honey at a wonderful restaurant my husband and I were having breakfast in and I was so excited about it that I actually took all some of the packets home. I know, this is so old lady of me – no offense – and it makes me think of Ross and Monica’s grandmother on Friends who had a massive stash of sweet ‘n low packets in her closet, but I’m not ashamed. I really wanted them! Haha! I have since searched the company online (found here) and see that they are sold at my local Whole Foods so I won’t have to steal them in the future. 😉

3. There is a new show called Proof on TNT that I am completely addicted to. (You’ll notice going forward that I’m addicted to a lot but that is just a sign of my badassery.) It stars the lovely Jennifer Beals (L Word) and she is a doctor who is tempted to delve into the possibility of what happens to us after we die in order to get funding for her hospital and also to hopefully see her dead son again. The show has a great cast, an interesting concept, and each week has left me wanting more. I just finished the most recent episode and I actually felt chills over her discovery in it, but I won’t spoil anything. It’s just that lately things/people have been syncing up left and right and it’s all very cool.

4. I am a self-proclaimed Spirit Junkie and the Universe totally has my back. I am full of untapped Big Magic, Miracles that are manifesting, and I am focused on my CDFs (Core Desired Feelings). My growth game is strong. (FYI my badass lady gurus who I have been following for years and are referenced in these terms are: Gabby Bernstein, Danielle LaPorte, and Elizabeth Gilbert. Together they sum up my three B’s for lady guru status: Beautiful. Badass. Believers.)


5. I have recently discovered the kickassness of podcasts! [insert moment for you to get over the initial shock of my late arrival to this world.] A friend of mine was listening to the wildly popular podcast Serial which is a weekly narrative that goes over an old court case that happened back in 1999. The first season was about a guy named Adnan Syed and he has been in prison since high school (the past 15 years) for supposedly killing his girlfriend, but what Serial has done is throw tons of questions on top of this case and listeners are all chomping at the bit to know whether he was falsely imprisoned or not. This thing is insanely addicting and since finishing the 12 episode podcast, my friend told me that there is another one that follows it up and those are happening right now because 15 years can’t stop such burning questions. The one I am currently listening to is called Undisclosed: The State Vs. Adnan Syed. If you aren’t listening to these things, do it. They are engrossing and FREE! Also, a bunch of my lovely lady gurus (2 of the 3 mentioned above) have their own podcasts too and I am hella in love with getting to hear their voices “coach” me every week on top of just reading their books. Podcasts rule!


6. Amy Schumer is hilarious and Trainwreck had me laughing so hard I choked on my own saliva. Yes, this happened. No rAgrets!

7. It was my birthday last Monday and I have seriously had the best past few weeks ever! Between eating amazing food, hanging out with even better people, and entering into my final semester of college, this month has rocked the casbah (which totally doesn’t mean anything even close to my implied meaning here but I’m still using it because the song is awesome sauce)! Whoop whoop!

8. Speaking of the awesome people who I’ve had the pleasure of celebrating my birthday with, two of my friends surprised me with really awesome gifts. The stuff in the top picture if from my friend Megan and in the past few months we’ve been completely in sync with our personal growth games. Her gifts are all about that growth and I am so grateful to her for trying to help me in achieving my goals and for just being an all around badass friend. The bottom picture is from my friend Jessica, better known as my twinny, and that alone should be self-explanatory. Just in case it’s not, she knows exactly what I like because we are so much alike that we might as well be twin sisters. She’s an amazing person who I’m so grateful to know.


9. My hubby and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary AND fifth year as a couple yesterday! I’m supremely lucky to have him in my life and I am looking forward to many years still to come. ❤

10. My family (near and far) has outdone themselves for me this birthday too and I am so grateful. I’ve received wonderful gifts, eaten incredible food, and had the most love a girl could ever hope to receive. I am immensely thankful to everyone who has made my birthday and anniversary so incredibly special.

11. Being obsessed with all the Liam Neeson films (like Taken 1 through a bazillion), I found this really funny…


12. My girl gets me every time…


13. I recently discovered a sweet angel who lives in Texas that has leukemia. She is turning 4 years old in September and her only wish for her birthday is to receive a bunch of cards. So, her amazing family reached out to their friends on social media with this wish and the effort has grown immensely since then. I’ve never met her or anyone in her family, I am merely a friend of a friend down the long line of shares on facebook who has been moved by her story. I wish for her to receive so many cards that they can’t fit them inside her home so I am also sharing the mailing address and her picture here for you all to see. A card and postage is only a few dollars so if you’re interested, please send her a birthday card. The reward will be in knowing that you made this precious angel smile and that is an immeasurable value. (Her cousin is receiving the cards so that she can give them all to her on her birthday. It is a legitimate thing too, in case you are wondering about that.)


Emerie Benner
c/o Elly Reintenour
988 Victoria Drive
Burkburnett, Texas 76354

14. Yesterday I had my first ever macarOn cookie. I emphasized the single O because it seems that people have such a difficult time differentiating between the french meringue cookies and the coconut blob things called macaroons. But I digress. I had my first macaron and I chose raspberry. It was the biggest one I’ve ever seen and it was AMAZING!!! I knew it would be because French foods are my absolute favorites, but I still have to mention it because, well, just look for yourself:


Well that wraps up my randomly awkward word vomit for August…is there anything new with all of you?? Talk to me below! 😀


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