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11645865_1619636491618147_1545166649_nGood morning everyone, although it is still only 4:12AM my time it is still technically Monday and what better way to begin a new week than by sharing awesome news? So, for the past year I have been trying to figure out a way to make Unabashedly Poetic a single website for all four of my blogs. FOUR?!?! Yes! You read that right! I have been maintaining four sites and it has been such a buzzkill for me because when I would feel totally inspired to write on one topic, I’d then begin to feel guilty for neglecting the others. I also felt so stumped for writing material because I was trying to be anonymous in places where it didn’t feel organic to me and then trying to be so open here. Well, after months of trying to figure this out, and I am now supremely embarrassed to say that it has taken this long since the answer to my problem was INSANELY EASY, I have finally figured it out and voila! Unabashedly Poetic is now the proud home of every blog that I have been working on for the past few years collectively. I know, you’re so excited that you probably spilled your morning coffee on yourself right? Well don’t come to me with any sort of lawsuit for that, I’m not McDonald’s! 😉

In all seriousness though, this transition feels perfect for my life right now. Like it was meant to happen now because I am ready to really hone in on what I want to do with my writing and my life. So, if you go to my home page (click HERE if you don’t know how to get there) you will now see my ABOUT ME page come up first. This is my welcome screen letting you all and new readers know who you are getting to know here. I am a firm believer that EVERY blog should have an about page because readers want to know more about the person writing their favorite posts, am I right? Right! Anyway, another thing you’ll notice is that not only have I outlined the new changes on the ABOUT ME page but I am also going to break them down for you here in this post as well. I’m all about convenience.

If you look right below my main header image you will now see several pages listed. They are as follows:

  • Book Reviews
    • If you mouse over this title you will see a drop down menu where my review policy is. In order to read my reviews, click on the main title of Book Reviews though.
  • General Musings
  • Mind. Body. Soul.
  • My Foodie Life
  • Random Lists

joker-clappingNow these are all probably very self-explanatory, and for those of you who checked out my ABOUT ME page already, sorry for repeating the information. Book reviews are mainly done for young adult fiction with a sprinkling of adult fiction and self-help/non-fiction thrown in here and there. General musings is my regular stuff from this blog so if you’ve been a follower here already you know that I don’t have a set theme for this stuff. The same goes for the random lists, which is just a spin-off of the general musings but since I have written so many posts in list form, I wanted to separate them. My foodie life is obviously about food but it covers eating out, cooking, and food shopping. And last but certainly not least, the mind.body.soul blog is about exactly those things. It centers around my inner and outer personal development and there will be books thrown in this section a lot as I am a bit of a self-help/guidance/guru junkie…PROUDLY I admit. 😀

To all my current followers, I hope you will continue to enjoy what I am putting out and to my new followers to come, WELCOME! Make yourselves comfortable and have a look around. Oh and all of you remember, be sure to talk to me because I love feedback. Join the conversation!


2 thoughts on “Blog News!

  1. The Guat says:

    Duuuuuude so glad. I’ll have to check them all out, because I just had this one on my reader. Now that they are all in one I’ll be able to catch you when you post on any 🙂 good to hear from you again 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Krystal says:

      I know, it makes things so much simpler for me as well. I was posting on four different spaces and I was going crazy trying to keep them all updated. Haha! Thanks! I am getting my posting juices flowing again! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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