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I recently discovered the wonderful world of podcasts and while I am totally aware of how behind the times this sounds, I am not ashamed one bit. It’s better to be late to the party than never showing up right? And by being a latecomer, I have had the awesome opportunity to listen to old episodes in huge batches that others who were on time had to wait each week for. Ha. Ha. πŸ˜‰ So, if any of you have read my “Friday I’m in love with food” posts under the “Foodie Life” blog, you know that I really love writing series types of posts. If you haven’t read those, well, why haven’t you read them?? Get to it BUT first check this post out. Here I will be sharing the pearls of wisdom that I pick up from the various “self-help-ish” podcasts I listen to every week and hopefully these things will help us all on our road to being our best selves. Let’s go! b219ce9257535d873a0649b86fc9e870-1

Add More -ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness with Gabrielle Bernstein

This podcast was published back in 2009 and hasn’t been updated since 2010 but there are 36 episodes ranging from a few minutes for numerous meditations to 2 hours of live recordings from seminars that she taught. The sound quality is sometimes a bit off its game but the overall quality of the material far outweighs this minor annoyance. Gabby rocks! So the other day, which happened to be the day that Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away, I was listening to one of these podcasts and she was talking about her start as a motivational speaker and life coach. While she was talking, she began to tell her audience about the first time she encountered Dyer and how he had such a profound impact upon her life. Now I have been a fan of his for quite some time, so this made me smile because I knew exactly who she was referring to and why she thought so highly of him. What I didn’t know was that he had died in the night and here I was listening to this memory of him only a few hours later. When I found out later on that he had passed away, the feelings were a bit overwhelming. At first I thought that this was a crazy coincidence but then I just remembered it’s really because this is just how the universe works. Things are put in our path for a reason and we mustn’t ignore them, even the bad things, because it is all a lesson of some sort. So, while I am deeply saddened by Dyer’s death, I am also grateful to have connected with Gabby in her personal memory of him recorded six years prior.

So, I wanted to share a few things that I jotted down whilst listening to the first two episodes. These are things that I resonated with and felt were really important for my Spirit Junkie journey.


  • Accept. Forgive. Release. We must clear space before we can begin to call in what we want. This is basically saying that when we have clutter in our minds and hearts of things that are no longer serving us, we are stunted in our growth. We must figure out how we feel about these things and choose to let them go in any way we can. Honor the feelings by accepting that they are real and valid, forgive whoever or whatever is at the root of your troubling thoughts (especially if that person is yourself), and release them back out into the universe. Have faith that things will be sorted out and that you have done everything you need to where those thoughts are concerned.
  • Stop rehearsing the role of victim. Don’t dwell on things you don’t want in your life. By doing so you end up attracting those things instead of getting rid of them. Instead focus on what you do want. This is the Law of Attraction, which I initially learned about when I read The Secret about 9 years ago, but this is more progressive than that.
  • What you want is already here, but it may just be stuck in traffic somewhere. We must be patient and keep focusing on manifesting our desires while at the same time we have to let go of the perfected expectation of those things. What we want could happen in a completely different way than we originally were looking for but it will happen some how. The important thing is to not dwell upon it once you send it out into the universe. Release it and move on. Let your manifestations come to you in their own time, such things cannot be rushed.
  • STAY IN FAITH! Continue to do everything daily. Do the work that needs to be done to manifest the life that you want.
  • BE LOVE!
  • If you give love, you will receive love. Same goes for any other energy that you put out. Gabby suggests that in the mornings we should CALL IN JOY! Mornings are super powerful for manifesting thoughts so THINK IT UNTIL YOU FEEL IT! It’s the same principle as “fake it until you make it.” She also suggests that prior to doing anything in the morning such as looking at our phones, watching television, or talking to anyone we should instead pray, meditate, workout, or just have some sort of calm-mind time for ourselves to send out our intentions for the day and to call in our joy. She also recommends refraining from watching and reading the news on all levels during this time because what is a bigger buzzkill than the negativity plaguing our world. Mornings don’t need to be bogged down with that sort of energy. GET HIGH ON YOUR POSITIVE INTENTIONS FIRST AND FOREMOST! FEAR BREEDS FEAR! LOVE BREEDS LOVE! CHOOSE HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL!
  • Prayer is for setting intentions and asking for what we want. Ask for things in the form of gratitude for whatever is already coming to you on that truck stuck in traffic and anything else you want to add. Thank the universe, God, or whichever being you communicate with (although to many, like me, God and the universe are one in the same), and release those thoughts and move on with your day knowing that they are being tended to. Meditation is for listening. Sitting in silence or chanting to align ourselves with the vibrations of the universe and allowing whatever messages we need to hear to come to us in those moments of clarity. This is best doe in the evening while the intention setting should be done first thing in the morning.

That’s a wrap!

[“Beautiful Minds” image credit: Pinterest – unreliable web address]

Note: some of the information above was directly taken from Gabby Bernstein’s podcasts. Other parts were embellished by me to include my interpretation of what I was listening to. Feel free to listen to her stuff for yourself, in fact, I encourage it. Namaste.


2 thoughts on “Podcast Junkie – Gabrielle Bernstein

  1. The Guat says:

    Duuuuuuuuuuude I am so late to the podcasts parties too. I was stuck way back in the cassette days so I’m just catching up myself! Thanks so much for the recommendations, will definitely check these out. I just started listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons. Very insightful and inspiring πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Krystal says:

      Yesssss!!!! Magic Lessons is actually my next post in my Podcast Junkie lineup. I adore Elizabeth Gilbert and this podcast has only made me love her more…especially her crazy infectious laugh! πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

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