Friday I’m in Love With Food #6

Hey guys and gals, welcome to my new series where I highlight my weekly dinners with my mom. We frequent the same places often and try new places when we can, but we always try new things wherever we go. So enjoy the photos and reviews I offer here…and we will continue to enjoy the good eats! 😉

[the sign above the bar – I love this quote]

Restaurant: Rebel House

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Price Range: Moderate to Expensive

Food Type: An indescribable fusion of amazing flavor combinations


Drinks (partial list)
Bourbon Blues – bourbon / thyme / blue berry jam / lemon

Little Jack Horner – vodka / lemon / house plum mostarda / lavender

The Wells Defiant – defiant American whiskey / wells cold brewed coffee / grand marnier brown butter simple / house made coffee bitters

Croque Rebel – crispy pork belly / peach jam / bourbon mustard / gjetost cheese / griddled sourdough

Crispy Brussels Sprouts – triple smoked bacon / cider molasses / alabama white sauce / chow-chow

Fried Rice
– gochujang butter / duck *spam* / house kimchi / sunny side up egg / bean sprouts / garlic chive / yum yum sauce / gomasio

Zucchini Alla Puttanesca – zucchini *noodles* / cracked olives / tomato sugo / crispy capers / garlic confit

Mascarpone Cheesecake – chili-lime caramel / local mangoes / macadamia brittle / mango sherbet

PB&J S’mores Sundae – chocolate chip banana bread / peanut butter & chocolate ice creams / hot fudge / grape jelly / roasted marshmallow / candied peanuts / bada bing cherry on top



[Megan and Me]

My mom is always the planner for our Friday night dinners and this amazing night back in August was no exception to that general rule. What made that late summer Friday so much better was that it was my 32nd birthday and our friends, Patti and Megan came along to celebrate with us. As major foodies who love cooking and eating, it was only natural that the restaurant of choice should be absolutely unique and one of a kind and Rebel House did not disappoint. This place is everything a foodie could ever ask for and more.

First up, every day they pop special flavors of popcorn to give each table as a pre-meal snack (instead of the typical bread). The popcorn isn’t your average butter, salt, or cheese flavors that the mind immediately conjures up when you hear popcorn. No, this place does things completely outside of the box in every way possible and the flavor on the night of my birthday was lemon pepper chicken. Yep, you read that right AND it tasted exactly like a roasted lemon pepper chicken straight out of the rotisserie, minus the heat and chicken of course. Haha! This stuff was crazy good and it excited our palates for what was to come. I mean, if they can do this to popcorn, what else was in store right? Right!


[Patti and my mama]

For our appetizers, drinks, and main meals, we ordered a bunch of delicious sounding items from the menu to try out. (See list above for additional details) The stars of the night were the crispy brussels sprouts, croque rebel, and the house fried rice, with emphasis on the croque rebel because pork belly. YUMMMMMMM!!!! This meal was everything we had hoped for and so much more. We weren’t even halfway through the night when Megan and I started planning our next visit to Rebel House once the weather begins to get a bit cooler. We want to return for the restaurant’s feature special of food and cocktail pairings, which is pretty pricey but we’re totally saving up for it. The culinary experience of this little gem is worth every penny. I am so grateful to my mom and our friends for making my birthday such a memorable experience this year…and I am still dreaming of that pork belly grilled cheese! If you go to this restaurant, which you absolutely must, plan on ordering the croque rebel and be prepared to want to fight anyone who even looks at the plate. It. Is. That. Damn. Delicious. TRUST ME!


[Our dinners, appetizers, and that crazy popcorn]


[Dessert complete with a candle for me to make a birthday wish – for more pork belly, obviously]

So, until next time this is your faithful foodie in south Florida…eating, drinking, and being merry wherever my taste buds take me. Stay hungry my friends.


3 thoughts on “Friday I’m in Love With Food #6

  1. The Guat says:

    Lemon pepper chicken! Dude! I’ve never had that popcorn flavor but it does sound like something I would try! Sounds like you had a great birthday dinner and those sweets look awwwwwwwwwwwesome!


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