To Julie Andrews on her birthday

Dear Julie,

You, my dear, are by far one of the most enchanting women in show business. Ever since I was a child and you graced my television screen as Mary Poppins, you’ve been beloved by me. Our relationship is one of pure fantasy, sure, but that makes it even more fun and exciting. You are as talented as you are beautiful, and you’re British – making you a triple threat in my book.

So, as you celebrate your 80th year of life, I hope…

  • That your cake is larger than the capacity of the highly coveted magic carpet bag.
  • That you take a joyful flight about the town with your trusty umbrella…be sure to come back with a bit of soot on your nose so that I know that you saw Bert and got into some mischief with the Banks children.
  • That a lovely little birthday tune will be sung as you prepare to blow out the candles on that monstrous cake. Perhaps Princess Mia will sing it along with the royal court of Genovia since she did so well with her vocals in Les Misรฉrables? And, of course, you’ll end up joining in because, well, you’re you.
  • That the hills come back to life with the sound of this song because who evokes such passion like Maria?
  • You skip the spoonful of sugar tonight as you’ve already eaten enough cake to ensue a sugar coma.
  • That everyone around you knows that they are in the presence of royalty and behaves with proper decorum, although you do have quite the sassy mouth, which makes you even better. You are the queen of half of everything after all, with the other half belonging to Meryl Streep, but you knew that.

I also hope that you know what a badass you are in every sense of the word. You have been a star in some of my absolute favorite films that will always be treasures to the world. Whether you were Mary or Maria, Victor or Victoria, Queen Clarisse or Dame Julie Andrews…the world has been blessed to know you. Thank you for touching my life in such a way and I hope to pass the magic on to my future children. I wish you the happiest of birthdays and cheers to many more!

Much love and admiration always,

– the granddaughter you never knew you had ๐Ÿ˜‰ XOXO



One thought on “To Julie Andrews on her birthday

  1. Violet says:

    Somehow or some way Julie Andrews needs to read this. I know she too has been inspired by many people in her life, but to touch your heart like she has I only wish for her to read your words. I too feel magical when she is on screen. She is one of a kind. What an awesome write up about the great Julie Andrews.

    Liked by 1 person

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