The Spirit Junkie Diaries: Volume 1

[Image credit:]Along the journey toward my best self, the pathway isn’t all snowflakes and pumpkin spice lattes. While it is an incredibly awesome experience cultivating the life that I envision for myself, it is also realistic to expect roadblocks to present themselves. That comes with the territory of any sort of growth in life and most of these blockages come in the form of other people. Unfortunately, not everyone we encounter will be able to understand and/or take part in our journeys toward our desires and that’s okay, it is a reality of life, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that those people are bad for us either. The way that I am seeing it these days is that everyone we encounter, regardless of the circumstances, are put in our path for a reason. Whether we are meant to learn from them or they are meant to learn from us is the truth that we must determine.

As a self-professed Spirit Junkie in training, it is up to me to stay focused and on task with my own purpose, but as a daughter/spouse/friend/peer/student-of-life, it is also my responsibility to think beyond myself at times and lend myself to those around me. I’ve always been the type of person who is all-in when it comes to my personal relationships. For example, if a friend needs to vent about the things going on in their life, small or large, I am there to listen and weigh in should advice be what they’re seeking. The same thing goes for my family. Or, if anyone needs me to come to their aid at any time, day or night, I will travel wherever I can to be by their side. I am that kind of friend. However, sometimes this absolute readiness to help others can stifle my spirit and that is when I need to take a moment and reevaluate the situation. I am no good to anyone else if my own flame is dwindling and so “me time” is vital for my continued expansion and my ability to support and love those who are important to me. I soak up my time alone like a paper towel absorbs water; these moments alone are the times when I am able to recharge my batteries and come back to a peaceful mindset. It is sort of like when I cleanse my crystals and stones, the purpose of that is to remove all of the energies that they have taken on from outside sources, including from me. It refreshes them so that they can help to radiate the vibes I need once again. My alone time is essentially recharging the battery of my life, so to speak. I suppose it also isn’t a coincidence that I’m a Krystal too, right? Haha! (I know, bad joke, but you know you at least smiled!)

But I digress. Currently I am in need of hitting the refresh button because lately the energies of a friend of mine have weighed on my mind probably more than they should have. This isn’t a bad thing necessarily because that’s what being a friend is all about, but it has been difficult to remain neutral in my advice to her. The ease of giving in to the negativity of her situation is all too real and in doing so, I’d be useless to her and to myself. Unfortunately, she is at a crossroads in her life and things have been pretty tough for her for a while now. Because I want to be there for her in the best way that I can be, I know that I must maintain some level of distance so as not to absorb the negativity in her life. As people I think that we forget how vulnerable we all are to the elements around us at any given time. Some of us are more sensitive to such things, but even if you’re not as sensitive, energies affect everyone and every thing. As I navigate my own personal growth game, I have come to learn that sometimes, regardless of the loud voices in our minds saying that we aren’t doing enough for others, we must take a step back and merely observe for our own well being. I have listened intently to her, provided all the advice that I could, and now I am sending loving thoughts and hope that my friend will be able to make the right choices for herself going forward. I am comforted in the knowledge that I showed up for her, as I always do, but this time I am remembering myself as well because self care is an essential part of life.


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