Synchronized Swimming: We’re in this together

[Image from Tumblr]I am a huge fan of synchronicity. I know that is probably an odd thing to be a fan of, but I promise you it is not strange at all. In fact, once you begin to take notice of the synchronicity in everyday life, it will blow your mind. The magic of synchronicity is so apparent in our daily lives that once we begin collecting these intertwined moments, everything in our developmental journeys feels predetermined, fated. It is the feeling of internal rightness within the universe and that is the magic of it. For example, lately seemingly unrelated things have been aligning in perfect time with where my thoughts are and, while I’d usually just label this a part of the law of attraction belief system, that isn’t quite what it is.

These little things that have been happening fall under the larger concept of synchronicity, and that is the thing that is holding the law of attraction by the hand as they walk together down the streets of my mind. See, as with the law of attraction, you put out what you want to receive in your life. It is as much of a mindset as it is a course of actions because you must do the work in order to achieve the things that you want, but by approaching everything with the right mental intentions is a huge benefit too. Synchronicity is different because it applies to the things in our lives that aren’t expressly thought about, but they are still completely in line with whatever journey we happen to be on. I’ve heard it referred to as “a wink from the cosmos” andย “meaningful coincidences,” which I like but that doesn’t quite capture it all.

11008359_842822149123373_1857364120_nSynchronicity is the subconscious level of our core desires, whereas the law of attraction usually deals with our active manifestations. We must believe in these unexpected things that happen to us because they mean something; they are messages from the Universe. Now this might sound a bit woo-woo, and that’s perfectly fine because we will never all be aligned in every thought and/or belief we have, which is part of our awesomeness as a diverse species, but I definitely believe in it. Below are some things that have felt like universal messages.

SPIRIT ANIMALS: For the past couple of years I have been seeing peacocks all over the place, in my dreams and while I am awake. With this being such a regular occurrence, I had to know what it meant so I looked it up and discovered some interesting things. First, the peacock is said to be a relative of the mythical phoenix, which is another bird that deeply resonates with me for other reasons. I believe that the peacock connects to my other connection to the phoenix in a big way. I also read that the peacock is related to God. Earlier this year, I had a profound moment in my life that made me shift a bit in my views on God/the Universe. It was during a time when I felt sort of lost and as if I had no idea why I was even here and since then, I now believe that I am meant to leave my mark on the world somehow. Perhaps the peacock is my spirit guide toward doing that.

SPIRIT PEOPLE: For a long time I have wanted to meet some of the people who inspire me with their words. It seems that whenever my favorite authors are on a book tour or speaking somewhere, the timing is just off for me to see them. It’s either in another state or if they’ve been close by, tickets have been too costly. With all of my constant attention given to these women and their incredible work, I feel a sort of connection to them personally, which is major admiration and inspiration intertwined. So, recently I was discussing this with my husband and I said that I wanted to make it a point to meet some of these ladies in my life, some how, some way. I didn’t know how it would happen, just that it would. I guess the universe was listening because a few days later I got my usual email from Elizabeth Gilbert’s website and it said that she was coming here, less than an hour from my front door. Then, only a few days after this news, my friend sent me information on Gabby Bernstein coming here too. Finally it is affordable to see the people I want to see and they are coming to me. I am friggin’ stoked!

SPIRIT HOME: My husband and I keep talking about our need to get rid of some things in our apartment. We’ve been procrastinating far too long with doing this because when we are actually home, we have zero desire to do anything lately. The past few months have been so incredibly busy that this doing nothing mindset has become a serious luxury, but now the weight of useless stuff in our space is beginning to suffocate us. Throughout these months I have also been seeing this little book about decluttering the home all over social media and in stores. The message was practically smacking me in the face and so we finally began going through each room and making piles of stuff that no longer serves our highest purpose in life. When I flipped through that little book, it made me realize that by having all of this useless stuff, it is actually robbing our home of joy. So, little by little, with a massive nudge from the Universe, we are creating a space that accentuates positive energy flow, AND our clutter is being donated so that it can find someone who will value it all. You know “one man’s garbage…” and all of that.


[Top graphic from Tumblr, uncredited original source]


One thought on “Synchronized Swimming: We’re in this together

  1. Aretha says:

    I’m really impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself?


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