A night with the original Spirit Junkie: Gabby Bernstein

10611023_929158793838840_461945542_nLast night my spirit sister, Megan and I went to see Gabby Bernstein talk in Boca Raton, Florida. She was giving a lecture paired with a group meditation that all centered around growing in faith and in our life purpose as a whole. Following the event, she was in the lobby signing books and taking pictures with anyone who wanted to meet her. Obviously we were interested in this idea, especially after having just listened to her inspirational talk and feeling the good vibes permeating the air in the entire building. So we got on line, which was surprisingly short (maybe 50 people?) and waited for our turn with only one person in line behind us. By the time we got up to her, the place was pretty empty so it felt like we were having a private meeting and that is hella awesome! We snapped pictures, had her sign our books, and she said, “Thank you for coming, babies” and we thought that was so adorable. She is this tiny person with the most infectiously giant energy that pours out of her. Much like Elizabeth Gilbert, who also appears small until she expands her angel wings of knowledge, Gabby is a life force that just demands to be heard and seen.

1168504_1848174848761487_144161469_nIt was both a privilege and a blessing to be in the same room as her and I am so grateful to have been able to have the experiences that I have in the past few weeks. First Liz Gilbert, now Gabby…next I would like to meet Danielle LaPorte (or even just see her speak in person). This is an open request to you, Universe. Thanks in advance! 😀

Here are some amazing truths that Gabby shared with us (I totally had a notebook and pen with me, by the way, soaking up that knowledge):


  • The light within you is a reflection of the light within me.
  • We are a congregation of our own – a Spirit Junkie church, so to speak. (LOVE!!)
  • Our connections to our community is a spiritual one of common mindsets. Lean into this shared consciousness. We must focus on oneness in order to live in the light. When we don’t feel connected to our community (which can be made up of anyone you feel connected to), we are preventing ourselves from living our truth and finding our purpose in life.
  • Our false perceptions of ourselves take us away from the light and keep us grounded in fear.
  • We must share our stories in order to get into the light. When you live in your purpose it is awesome and authentic.
  • We gotta walk our talk – tap into your community and create oneness by showing up for the commitments you make every day.
  • Be in JOY. The greatest gift you can bring to the world is joy. Speak your truth – we are blessed and privileged – and lean toward your joy. It is the highest calibration of energy that you are capable of bringing into the world. Lean toward joy and you will be led.
  • In all situations, especially those that make you uncomfortable and upset, you must bring your light into them. Don’t ever let the darkness of those around you or the experiences you live through to weaken that light. Pierce that darkness with it and take it over. Bring them over to the light side. HA!

And so it is. 😀



6 thoughts on “A night with the original Spirit Junkie: Gabby Bernstein

  1. Violet says:

    This would have been my kind of night. If Danielle is listening and she comes around I will be your partner that night. Actually I’d love to go see that guy who speaks on the Universe website. I think his name is Mike Dooley…? This is so amazing. I am so jealous. You know how much I love this shit. Gabby is adorable as you and Megan are. So happy for you two. What a great trip.


    • Krystal says:

      I do too. She is definitely speaking my language right now. Her stuff is totally resonating with me like Danielle LaPorte’s stuff does. I’ve gotten so much from both. I also think you may have crossed paths with Gabby Bernstein when you’ve been at Kripalu. She teaches there quite often. 🙂


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