Episode 228: The One with the List

162302-Happy-Friday-Stay-CoolHey there, WordPressers! Happy Friday to ya! I hope this post finds you all doing well as we gear up for another weekend. It occurred to me that it’s been a really long time since I did a random list type of post where I can dump all of the gobbledygook in my mad, mad mind right here for your reading pleasure. Sooooo, what better day to put together something fun and light than a Friday, right? Plus this dog to my left totally looks like my stepdad and that’s awesome sauce. Ha!

Here we go yo…

  1. A few weeks ago, while out to dinner with my friend, she mentioned how she recently rejoined an app called Happier that we both used to use. In the beginning it felt like such a good place to be. The vibes were positive – which I loved – and the aesthetic was great. Then they became too big for their breeches and started changing things with the layout and I. HATE. IT. As a visual person, this was a huge issue for me. But I digress. The other thing that I began to notice after following people for a while was that there was a lot of forced happiness going on. Basically it read like a feed of lies with some authentic truths sprinkled in. Granted I know that social media tends to be this way and it’s super difficult to weed out the sugar from the salt anywhere, but on the Happier table I really don’t dig that. The idea of “fake it til you make it” is cool and all but how long do you do it? At least on sites like Instagram (where the layout is pretty), I can post motivational and happy stuff, coffee and food pictures, selfies, jokes, etc. with a community that knows that at least half of the crap on the site isn’t factual with filters and such, but the vibe is somehow more authentic to me. I guess in my world Insta is the new orange. However, I am happy that Happier makes my friend happy. That’s all that matters.

2. tumblr_lywslpX6Ol1rn51bno1_500

3. Podcasts are the most amazing things since sliced bread! I have about five posts in draft mode on various shows I am currently obsessed with. Stay tuned. πŸ˜€

4. I met Gabby Bernstein this week and it was totally surreal. (read my post about it here.) The whole time she was standing in front of me I kept thinking, “those shoes are so pretty and I wonder how long it takes her to get her hair perfectly wavy like that.” The mind boggles!

5. Trader Joe’s continues to pull me into their web with every breath we take. A few weeks ago I bought a tin called Trois Chocolats and it has three bags inside of different drinking chocolates (that’s fancy speak for hot cocoa). The flavors are winter spice, espresso, and salted caramel…they are total game changers and I encourage all of you to run, don’t walk (I drove), to your nearest TJ’s and buy these up so that they keep stocking them! AMAZING!

6. What is the deal with smoothie bowls? Seriously, can someone tell me. Why do I want my drink, that used to be convenient for on-the-go breakfasting, put into a bowl where I have to now eat it like a cold soup? Ain’t nobody got time for that!


7. *le sigh* They are really pretty though.

8. I recently overheard someone telling a story about a woman who he referred to as “the only daughter” in the family. This got me thinking, “Hey, I’m the only daughter in my family too! I’m also the only son, because gender neutrality is super important!” #keepingthingscurrent

9. 11010600_10204650116667934_3654237949949970979_n

10. The other day I was listening to a podcast and the interviewer asked the guest whether she preferred dark chocolate or milk chocolate. This got me thinking…if dark chocolate is the closest thing to the cacao bean, wouldn’t that just make it chocolate? The milk stuff is full of milk to make it creamier. The white stuff isn’t even chocolate. So, do you prefer chocolate or the other stuff?

11. Speaking of chocolate…I saw this adorable video from Bon Appetit of these kids being given the good quality “fancy” chocolate and their reactions were absolutely hilarious (especially the cutest kids – spiderman and the little Oshkosh boy). Watch here:

12. Writer’s Digest posted this a few weeks ago on their Facebook page: “Finish the statement: I am a writer because…” As a writer, I found this to be such a problematic question to answer because it’s not something one chooses to be. Rather we are born with the innate need to create, artists in any form are born with this need to create. So I skimmed through the replies and there were a ton that said typical things like, “because I have a story to tell” or “because I think what I have to say can benefit others” or my personal favorite (please note the sarcasm) “because I was born with a God given talent and I can’t deny it. I must share my gift with the world.” This all got me thinking about what it takes to be a writer (because being published does not a writer make), and I’d like to know: do you have to be arrogant in order to be a successful writer?

13. And one more for the road…




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