Paris on my mind…

[Artis: Jean Jullien]

[Artist: Jean Jullien]

My thoughts are far too messy right now to adequately express how I feel about the terrorist attacks in Paris yesterday, but I wanted to post something to send my love to everyone affected by this tragedy. When my own words fail to present themselves to me, I turn to others for inspiration and I felt that this poem, by one of my favorite poets, was the perfect way to express the general vibe in the world today…

“I’m sorry for the gunshots, the bullets, the pain.
I’m sorry for the blood that won’t wash out with the rain.
I’m sorry for the bombs, the explosions, the tears.
I’m sorry for those that take pride in our fears.
I’m sorry to the world we keep scarring with our hate,
I’m sorry for those who think it’s too late.
I’m sorry for the chaos, the confusion, the madness.
I’m sorry for the mornings stained with fresh sadness.
I’m sorry for the terror, the darkness, the night.
I’m thankful for all those, who still chase the light.”
Tyler Knott Gregson

Let us all continue to chase the light – united in spirit and in love. You’re always on my mind, World. xo


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