Friday Night Dinner at Farmer’s Table

11856826_1615218198728188_540039724_nRestaurant: Farmer’s Table

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Price Range: Moderate to Expensive

Food Type: “Our farm-to-table menus are seasonally inspired and globally influenced, so you can enjoy the very cleanest ingredients—simply prepared—for every meal of the day.”


Fig & Froth – Bulleit rye whiskey / rosemary infusion / fig jam / honey-lemon sour / orange cream citrate / organic egg white $12

Seville Sangria – red wine / Licor 43 / citrus wheels / seasonal berries / vanilla & thyme / raw cane sugar $12

Room Key – Grand Marnier / hot brewed coffee / brown sugar syrup / whipped cream $12

Irish Latte – espresso / hot milk / steamed milk foam / shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream $15


Hoppin’ John’s Hummus (vegetarian) – served with herbed pita and carrot sticks $9

Cauliflower & Brie Flatbread (vegetarian) – fig jam and chopped arugula $12


Yellowfin Tuna “Fillet Mignon” (gluten-free) – seared and sushi rare / coconut rice / black beans / chayote squash salsa / cilantro lime vinaigrette $28

Grass-Fed Beef Burger – fig and caramelized onion marmalade / brioche bun / Gruyere cheese $17

Center Cut Duroc Pork Chop (gluten-free) – warm potato and Brussels sprouts salad / honey baked sweet potato / fig and grain mustard demi glace $21


Opera Cake (vegan) – light coffee buttercream / moist chocolate cake / creamy ganache filling / housemade dairy-free ice cream $10

Berry Lemon Trifle – creamy and light lemon curd / vanilla cake / berries / vanilla custard $9


A few months ago my mom discovered this amazing restaurant when she was looking for a place to take her friend for brunch. They had such a great time that she took me the very next week and I fell in love with Farmer’s Table too. It’s impossible not to be immediately taken by the charming and rustic feel of the place. They have gardens out front in wooden boxes and when you walk up to the front doors you see the quaint little bench and adorable sign with the restaurant’s name on it (see picture above). They have cozy seating in both booths and tables with chairs, some of their boots even swing a bit. In the back of the restaurant they have a courtyard that is attached to the Wyndham Hotel and there are more tables set up for outdoor dining.

The menu is the best part of this newest treasure to Boca Raton though. Everything on it is a clean-eating fantasy and there are tons of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options to choose from. That alone is a rare find for this caliber of food, so it’s no wonder this place is steadily filling seats from morning til night. Every time my mom and I have been to Farmer’s Table, we have only gone for the brunch, but this time we wanted to try the dinner menu. Based on all of the food and drinks I listed above, it probably looks like my mom and I went a bit insane with munchies overload, but we had our lovely friends, Megan and Patti with us too to help us chow down. Haha! The night was great from our quickly emptied plates to the company and I look forward to going back over and over again to eventually try their entire menu. If you live in the area or are planning a visit to this part of the sunshine state, definitely check this place out.

– Your faithful foodie in south Florida…
eating, drinking, and being merry wherever my taste buds take me.
Stay hungry my friends. xo



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