Write place, write time

IMG_0753A few years ago, while my grandmother was going through some of her things, she came across her old typewriter. When she saw it sitting there in its sturdy black case, unmoved and unloved for decades, she thought of me. When she gave it to me I was over the moon because, not only had I always wanted a vintage typewriter, but it was also a relic from my grandma’s youth. She told me that all writers should have a typewriter, even considering the technological advances of today. The slower moving pace of a typewriter allows for stories, or any other pieces of writing, to take their time entering the world and there’s something magical about that.

I’ve been in a major writing slump lately and tonight, in an effort to boost my creative mojo back to life, I took it out of the box, put it on my desk, and typed a bit on it just to see if the ink still worked. It’s faint as you can see from the picture above, but still entirely legible after all this time and I am just as in love with it today as I was when my grandma gave it to me. I was inspired to write about it after I showed my friend a picture earlier tonight because she mentioned that I could probably sell it down the road for a nice amount money. Prior to that conversation I had honestly never even thought about selling it and thinking of it now, I am just as resolute in my decision not to ever part with it. While I’m sure someone out there would love to get their hands on these pretty keys, I just feel that some things are worth more than money could ever buy and this is one of those things.

This typewriter is a small piece of history from the life and times of my grandma before she was a mother or a grandmother. Back before she was anyone other than a young girl who knew the value of sitting in her bedroom typing letters to keep in touch with her loved ones. Today we have websites like Facebook, Instagram, and even blogging sites like this one to keep in touch with others, but back then communication was different. It was an era that moved a bit slower and appreciated life in different ways than we do now, but this typewriter isn’t just a sentimental object to me. It’s also a symbol that encourages me to keep writing, no matter what happens or how good my work ends up being, because I believe that each generation should leave their mark on things in any way they can. It’s always the write time to use our voices for the things that matter to us most.



4 thoughts on “Write place, write time

  1. Juni Desireé says:

    Love it! Aren’t typewriters awesome. My dad randomly mentioned that he had his dad’s typewriter sitting in storage for ages. When I was beside myself in excitement that he had a typewriter, he gave it to me. He had no idea that I’d be interested in one but when I got it, I felt like I’d had ten birthdays in one day.

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