Friday Night Dinner at Farmer’s Table

11856826_1615218198728188_540039724_nRestaurant: Farmer’s Table

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Price Range: Moderate to Expensive

Food Type: “Our farm-to-table menus are seasonally inspired and globally influenced, so you can enjoy the very cleanest ingredients—simply prepared—for every meal of the day.”


Fig & Froth – Bulleit rye whiskey / rosemary infusion / fig jam / honey-lemon sour / orange cream citrate / organic egg white $12

Seville Sangria – red wine / Licor 43 / citrus wheels / seasonal berries / vanilla & thyme / raw cane sugar $12

Room Key – Grand Marnier / hot brewed coffee / brown sugar syrup / whipped cream $12

Irish Latte – espresso / hot milk / steamed milk foam / shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream $15


Hoppin’ John’s Hummus (vegetarian) – served with herbed pita and carrot sticks $9

Cauliflower & Brie Flatbread (vegetarian) – fig jam and chopped arugula $12


Yellowfin Tuna “Fillet Mignon” (gluten-free) – seared and sushi rare / coconut rice / black beans / chayote squash salsa / cilantro lime vinaigrette $28

Grass-Fed Beef Burger – fig and caramelized onion marmalade / brioche bun / Gruyere cheese $17

Center Cut Duroc Pork Chop (gluten-free) – warm potato and Brussels sprouts salad / honey baked sweet potato / fig and grain mustard demi glace $21


Opera Cake (vegan) – light coffee buttercream / moist chocolate cake / creamy ganache filling / housemade dairy-free ice cream $10

Berry Lemon Trifle – creamy and light lemon curd / vanilla cake / berries / vanilla custard $9


A few months ago my mom discovered this amazing restaurant when she was looking for a place to take her friend for brunch. They had such a great time that she took me the very next week and I fell in love with Farmer’s Table too. It’s impossible not to be immediately taken by the charming and rustic feel of the place. They have gardens out front in wooden boxes and when you walk up to the front doors you see the quaint little bench and adorable sign with the restaurant’s name on it (see picture above). They have cozy seating in both booths and tables with chairs, some of their boots even swing a bit. In the back of the restaurant they have a courtyard that is attached to the Wyndham Hotel and there are more tables set up for outdoor dining.

The menu is the best part of this newest treasure to Boca Raton though. Everything on it is a clean-eating fantasy and there are tons of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options to choose from. That alone is a rare find for this caliber of food, so it’s no wonder this place is steadily filling seats from morning til night. Every time my mom and I have been to Farmer’s Table, we have only gone for the brunch, but this time we wanted to try the dinner menu. Based on all of the food and drinks I listed above, it probably looks like my mom and I went a bit insane with munchies overload, but we had our lovely friends, Megan and Patti with us too to help us chow down. Haha! The night was great from our quickly emptied plates to the company and I look forward to going back over and over again to eventually try their entire menu. If you live in the area or are planning a visit to this part of the sunshine state, definitely check this place out.

– Your faithful foodie in south Florida…
eating, drinking, and being merry wherever my taste buds take me.
Stay hungry my friends. xo


Friday I’m in Love With Food #6

Hey guys and gals, welcome to my new series where I highlight my weekly dinners with my mom. We frequent the same places often and try new places when we can, but we always try new things wherever we go. So enjoy the photos and reviews I offer here…and we will continue to enjoy the good eats! 😉

[the sign above the bar – I love this quote]

Restaurant: Rebel House

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Price Range: Moderate to Expensive

Food Type: An indescribable fusion of amazing flavor combinations


Drinks (partial list)
Bourbon Blues – bourbon / thyme / blue berry jam / lemon

Little Jack Horner – vodka / lemon / house plum mostarda / lavender

The Wells Defiant – defiant American whiskey / wells cold brewed coffee / grand marnier brown butter simple / house made coffee bitters

Croque Rebel – crispy pork belly / peach jam / bourbon mustard / gjetost cheese / griddled sourdough

Crispy Brussels Sprouts – triple smoked bacon / cider molasses / alabama white sauce / chow-chow

Fried Rice
– gochujang butter / duck *spam* / house kimchi / sunny side up egg / bean sprouts / garlic chive / yum yum sauce / gomasio

Zucchini Alla Puttanesca – zucchini *noodles* / cracked olives / tomato sugo / crispy capers / garlic confit

Mascarpone Cheesecake – chili-lime caramel / local mangoes / macadamia brittle / mango sherbet

PB&J S’mores Sundae – chocolate chip banana bread / peanut butter & chocolate ice creams / hot fudge / grape jelly / roasted marshmallow / candied peanuts / bada bing cherry on top



[Megan and Me]

My mom is always the planner for our Friday night dinners and this amazing night back in August was no exception to that general rule. What made that late summer Friday so much better was that it was my 32nd birthday and our friends, Patti and Megan came along to celebrate with us. As major foodies who love cooking and eating, it was only natural that the restaurant of choice should be absolutely unique and one of a kind and Rebel House did not disappoint. This place is everything a foodie could ever ask for and more.

First up, every day they pop special flavors of popcorn to give each table as a pre-meal snack (instead of the typical bread). The popcorn isn’t your average butter, salt, or cheese flavors that the mind immediately conjures up when you hear popcorn. No, this place does things completely outside of the box in every way possible and the flavor on the night of my birthday was lemon pepper chicken. Yep, you read that right AND it tasted exactly like a roasted lemon pepper chicken straight out of the rotisserie, minus the heat and chicken of course. Haha! This stuff was crazy good and it excited our palates for what was to come. I mean, if they can do this to popcorn, what else was in store right? Right!


[Patti and my mama]

For our appetizers, drinks, and main meals, we ordered a bunch of delicious sounding items from the menu to try out. (See list above for additional details) The stars of the night were the crispy brussels sprouts, croque rebel, and the house fried rice, with emphasis on the croque rebel because pork belly. YUMMMMMMM!!!! This meal was everything we had hoped for and so much more. We weren’t even halfway through the night when Megan and I started planning our next visit to Rebel House once the weather begins to get a bit cooler. We want to return for the restaurant’s feature special of food and cocktail pairings, which is pretty pricey but we’re totally saving up for it. The culinary experience of this little gem is worth every penny. I am so grateful to my mom and our friends for making my birthday such a memorable experience this year…and I am still dreaming of that pork belly grilled cheese! If you go to this restaurant, which you absolutely must, plan on ordering the croque rebel and be prepared to want to fight anyone who even looks at the plate. It. Is. That. Damn. Delicious. TRUST ME!


[Our dinners, appetizers, and that crazy popcorn]


[Dessert complete with a candle for me to make a birthday wish – for more pork belly, obviously]

So, until next time this is your faithful foodie in south Florida…eating, drinking, and being merry wherever my taste buds take me. Stay hungry my friends.

Salads to-go-go!

Lately I’ve been trying to incorporate some healthier meals into my diet. With being a full time student, the ease of takeout can be so tempting but it can also be really devastating to my wallet. I have been trying to do more meal preparation in advance so that I can just grab ‘n go and it has been really great for school days. The only thing for me that doesn’t work so well is making foods in advance that need to be reheated because I do not have a microwave, nor do I want one. In the cases where my food needs to be hot, I prefer to cook it right before I plan to eat it. So, with my to-go foods being best served cold, I came up with a simple salad that is super delicious and satisfying.


Blueberry Chicken Salad (single serving)

1 cup fresh blueberries
1 chicken breast
1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese
1 1/2 cups greens (I used a blend of 50/50 mix and arugula)
1 tbsp pine nuts

First, I seasoned the chicken with sea salt, ground pepper, and minced garlic. Then I placed it in a baking pan, poured some chicken broth in (up to the sides of the breast) and then baked it for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. I find that by using the broth it keeps the chicken from drying out and since it isn’t a fatty part of the chicken, that is important. After it’s finished cooking, remove it from the oven and let it rest for about 10 minutes. Resting meats before cutting into them allows them to retain their juices as well. When you cut into chicken or steak too soon after it cooks, the juices will seep out and you’ll be left with a dry piece of meat. Anyway, cut up the chicken into chunks and combine it with all of the other ingredients in a tupperware container.

As a dressing I mixed some EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), balsamic vinegar, organic honey, sea salt & ground pepper medley together and drizzled it on top. The measurements were not precise here, I mixed until it was the desired flavor for me. All I can say with certainty is that this whole combination is really yummy!

NOTE: Because pine nuts are often ridiculously expensive, those can be substituted with anything like almonds, seeds, crispy chinese noodles, or whatever else you fancy. It used them for some added crunch because I like that in my salads but don’t really want croutons.

Laughter, good food, and amazing company


[What would Easter be without a visit from my baby boy, Cannoli?]

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. Mine was pretty low key and exactly what I had hoped for. School has been crazy busy this semester since I am trying to cram as many classes that will satisfy my major requirements into the shortest amount of time I can manage. I seriously considered taking six classes per semester but unfortunately my university doesn’t offer everything I need each term so that goal was cut off at the knees. I just really want to graduate and get back to work already. (Yes, I’m serious!) But I digress. Things have been busy  and therefore a chill holiday weekend was absolutely perfect for us.

On Friday, I spent the evening with my mom as I usually do but we opted for takeout and a movie at home because she was a bit under the weather. I spent Saturday with my husband and it was basically a never-get-out-of-our-pjs kind of day as we loafed about and watched movies together. In between we did manage to run out to grab some dinner but we brought it home and continued our lazy day into the evening. For dinner we had Bru’s Room, which is a bar and grill type of place. I got grilled raspberry chicken wings and let me just tell you that they were absolutely delicious! I’m all about the combination of sweet and spicy flavors for wings and these suckers hit. the. spot. YUM! My hubby had ribs, which make his eyes pop out of his head like a cartoon character whenever he sees them on a menu. Needless to say, none were left over and I surprised that he didn’t try to gnaw on the bones. Haha! Anyway, for Easter Sunday we met my parents at one of our favorite restaurants nearby called, La Fontana.  It is this little Italian place that primarily has outdoor seating and my parents go so often that the entire waitstaff knows them and their usual order. (This happens a lot with the places we frequent.) Usually I go there for dinner and have their lobster ravioli (AMAZING!) but I was excited to go for lunch. I ordered the Fantasia Salad (see picture below) which had grilled chicken, mixed greens, fresh mango, raisins, and a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. (I like raspberry stuff, can you tell?) It was absolutely delicious and the perfect meal to have after such a lounge-filled weekend.
10475693_10153712411858265_114133349916523270_nTo round out our perfect little weekend, the hubby and I went to see Fast Seven and boy am I glad that I wore waterproof mascara! The movie was packed with the expected awesomeness that the Fast Franchise brings to the table, but it was also packed with so much more. Ever since the death of Paul Walker, fans have wondered how they’d pay tribute to him and the ending of this movie was exactly what I’d hoped for. Trust me, bring tissues to this one, and if you don’t find yourself crying by the time the credits roll, check your pulse to make sure that your heart is still beating. It was an absolutely beautiful way to end the film and our weekend together.

Friday I’m in love with food #5

Hey guys and gals, welcome to my new series where I highlight my weekly dinners with my mom. We frequent the same places often and try new places when we can, but we always try new things wherever we go. So enjoy the photos and reviews I offer here…and we will continue to enjoy the good eats! 😉

[The outside view of the theater. Image from their website.]

[The outside view of the theater. Image from their website.]

Restaurant: iPic Theaters

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Price Range: Moderate to Expensive

Food Type: Appetizers, Salads, Entrees, Desserts, Full Service Bar, In-Theater Dining & Full Restaurant Downstairs. Serves seafood, poultry, and meat dishes, salads, etc.


Red Sangria – Served in take home plastic shakers with an ice and fruit filled wine glass to pour it into. $14/each

Thai Coconut Shrimp – Breaded with coconut and orange zest, served with sweet chili dipping sauce. $14

Tater Tots – Served with bacon ketchup. $8

Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos – Grilled mahi mahi in flour tortillas with cabbage slaw and avocado cilantro sauce on top. Served with guacamole and corn chips on the side. $15


[This is the hallway off of the escalators that leads to the theaters. It’s gorgeous! Image from their website.]

[This is the hallway off of the escalators that leads to the theaters. It’s gorgeous! Image from their website.]

iPic Theaters is one of our absolute favorite places to go any night of the week. It is truly unlike any other movie theater anywhere else because of the experience as a whole. Sure there are tons of “dine-in” theaters all over the country, but iPic is in a class of its own. They have a full service restaurant called Tanzy on the ground floor and upstairs are the most impressive movie theaters you’ll ever see. The ambiance sort of reminds me of those fancy in-home movie theaters that rich people have. The beautiful orange leather seats fully recline with the push of a button (think la-Z-boy), there is a waitstaff that is at your beck and call throughout the entire film and can always be easily reached via a nifty button on your table, and the food is delicious. The entire experience of seeing a movie at iPic will make you never want to visit any other theater again and it will have you choosing only those movies that you deem “iPic worthy” since their prices are much higher than the average theater. By now, you’re probably wondering if I am getting paid for this post but I’m not. It’s just an awesome place and for the past three years we’ve been lucky enough to see tons of movies there in style and comfort.


[Our drinks and appetizer.]

BUT you’re here for the food so let me get to it. 😀 Last night, like many others, we tried some things that we haven’t had before, aside from the sangria which we seem to be obsessed with lately. It’s just sooooo good, I can’t help but want it ALL. THE. TIME. Whenever we go to iPic we always order food to share because it’s more fun that way so we started with the thai coconut shrimp. They were breaded in an orange and coconut batter that has such an incredible flavor all on its own. Adding the sweet chili sauce takes that flavor to a whole other level though. It’s the kind of taste that mouths drool over. Next we had their tater tots that are served in a metal fry basket, perfectly crisp, with a bacon ketchup to dip them into. This stuff is insanely addicting, I wanted to climb into that container and lick it clean. Haha! I refrained, of course, because I’m a lady, but the thoughts are still with me this morning as I type this. SO GOOD! As our main meal we had mahi mahi tacos, which were pretty good, although for some reason they retained a lot of liquid from the fish and were kind of drippy. That’s not a great thing to have while watching a movie in the dark, but we survived it. The flavors were all there and like the shrimp, the pieces of mahi mahi were very meaty and massive. Definitely something I’d have again but perhaps I’d order them downstairs at Tanzy instead so I could see them better while eating.

As for the film, we saw the second movie in the Divergent Trilogy, Insurgent, and we absolutely loved it! I’ve read the books so I knew the majority of what to expect and surprisingly, I actually understood the changes that were made. The author was also a producer so I feel as though she knew what was best for her story and I respect that. I can’t wait for the next installment to come out, although I am not ready for the ending again. Experiencing it through the novel was already so hard and if you’ve read it, you know what I mean. Anyway, last night was incredibly fun, as my nights out with my mom always are, and I look forward to our next iPic adventure. We’re thinking of doing a brunch and a movie for a combination Mother’s Day/Mom’s Birthday weekend in May. If you’ve been to iPic, please share your experience with me and same goes for if you’ve seen/read Insurgent, OR if you just want to chat with me. 😀 Cheerio!


[My mom and I]

The best part of waking up

Gooooooood Morning, WordPress! Happy Friday to you all!

10955340_10153552997848265_4585679008927759129_nSo I’ve been craving a smoothie all week and for some reason it has taken me until today to finally get one. Usually I’d make my own but I just didn’t feel like it this week. I also wanted some oatmeal, which is kind of an odd combination given that one is hot and one is cold, but I guess it still works. Anyway, Starbucks has great smoothies and oatmeal, because like most coffee places these days, they are so much more than java. It really was the perfect choice for what I wanted, plus I am a bit of an addict of the siren brand. 😉

I ordered the mango orange smoothie which has a mixture of juice, a whole banana, whey protein and fiber, milk (I got coconut), and ice in it. Let me just say that this thing was so perfectly sweetened and full of a wonderful fruity creaminess, I just wish that I had another one once I sucked up my final sip. As for the oatmeal, I ordered their classic whole grain oats topped with dried fruit, nuts and a bit of brown sugar. I love their simple foods and whenever I can get one, I purchase their greek yogurt with honey and coconut macaroon granola…sadly they sell out really quickly but it’s so worth it to always check. That granola is definitely something to write home about. But I digress. Breakfast was a total success.

Craving satisfied! YUM!

Friday I’m in love with food #4

Hey guys and gals, welcome to my new series where I highlight my weekly dinners with my mom. We frequent the same places often and try new places when we can, but we always try new things wherever we go. So enjoy the photos and reviews I offer here…and we will continue to enjoy the good eats! 😉

Unknown-1Restaurant: Bonefish Grill

Location: Coral Springs, Florida

Price Range: Moderate

Food Type: Seafood, Poultry, Salads, Etc.


Ocean Trust Tropic Heat Martini – Absolut vodka infused with pineapples, muddled mango, lemon juice, and a slice of jalapeño.

Blackberry Sangria – Served with fresh fruit in a wine glass.

Chicken Teriyaki Bowl – Chicken served with fried rice and mango salsa, topped with chopped peanuts and peanut sauce.

Shrimp Pad Thai – Rice noodles mixed with shrimp, green onions, peanuts, egg, and Pad Thai sauce.


My mom and I love Bonefish Grill. LOVE it. Whenever we go there we always have excellent food and the service is usually also very good. The only problem that we have with this restaurant chain is that, regardless of which location you visit, the wait times are insane, 7 days a week. Whenever we have chosen Bonefish (not to be confused with Bonefish Mac’s) for our Friday night dinner, we’ve had to wait, on average, about 1-2 hours for a table. Ultimately it is worth the wait though, at least to us, although my mom does feel that they should have some sort of appetizers or nibbles passed around to the massive amount of waiting guests, but I digress.

The food this past Friday was delicious, per usual. I had the blackberry sangria (which I am obsessed with) and the chicken teriyaki bowl. The bowl is something I normally would turn my nose up to, as I am not a fan of teriyaki sauce, but I have been trying to branch out lately so I figured, why not? I am so glad that I put my ill feelings toward the sauce aside because this meal was DEEEElicious! The chicken was juicy and tender, the sauces were so flavorful, and the mango salsa added a nice punch that I wasn’t expecting. My mom had the shrimp pad thai along with a martini that was equal parts fruit and spice. She enjoyed her meal as well although, because both her meal and drink were spicy, she was having a small fire in her mouth about halfway through and had to get a to go box. They should truly devote more time with being consistent with the spiciness of dishes like this one. She orders the pad thai often and this was the first time it was overly spicy which was a bummer to someone who is really hungry after waiting almost two hours.

After dinner, because we weren’t ready to head home yet, we went to Barnes & Noble to peruse some books and have an after dinner coffee. What can I say, we have a java addiction of sorts and we don’t want a cure! Haha! Anyway, have any of you ever eaten at a Bonefish Grill location? If so, what do you think of it? Stay tuned for this week’s Friday Night post…we are headed to our favorite movie theater, iPic, to dine on some yummy eats and watch Insurgent.


Did someone say pork? Sign me up!

In an attempt to better myself, I have begun a transformation toward being the best me that I can be. Recently my mom and I got new Fitbit Flex wristbands to encourage us to walk more during the day. On top of trying to be more active, I’ve also been tooling around in the kitchen and creating my own dishes for dinners that not only taste good but they make me feel great too. Here is a dinner I made this week, and if you couldn’t tell from the title, I LOVE PORK!



2 Pork Chops
2 Slices of Bacon
Peppercorn Medley
Salt & Pepper

1 Sweet Potato
1 Yukon Gold Potato
1 Red Potato
Balsamic Vinegar
Low Sodium Chicken Broth
Minced Garlic

Crumbled Feta Cheese
Candied Pecans

On two plates, place a handful of arugula and set aside. Set oven to 425F. Wrap a slice of bacon around the outside edge of each pork chop and stick a wooden toothpick through the chop and bacon to secure. Place chops onto a baking sheet and set aside. Next, peel the three potatoes and cut them up into small cubes. Place the cubes into a baking pan and add some balsamic vinegar, ground pepper, minced garlic, and fill it up with chicken broth. Carefully place pan into the preheated oven on the bottom rack and bake for an hour. These potatoes were a pain to make as the original recipe I used was drastically off the mark in their instructions and the potatoes were still raw after the hour of baking, even with my alteration of using more chicken broth so they’d boil a bit. Anyway, remove the potatoes from the oven, drain them, and then add them to a large skillet.

This is where things became a free for all because the recipe was so inaccurate that I had to just rely on my cooking skills to salvage these potatoes. So, I added a bit of olive oil to the pan along with more balsamic vinegar, garlic, and pepper and I cooked them for another 20 or so minutes. They softened nicely this way and ended up being really delicious so it was worth all the extra effort. Meanwhile, during this potato hoopla, I put the pork chops into the oven (on broil this time, top rack) and cooked them for about 20 minutes. Ovens vary so adjust time as needed.

Once everything was finished I put the pork chops on top of the arugula with a scoop of the potato hash. Sprinkled a bit more balsamic on top, added feta cheese crumbles, a few candied pecans, and some more ground pepper (we love pepper). The entire meal was delicious but next time I will definitely alter the cooking of the potatoes and ignore recipes that sound ludicrous to me from the get go. Hopefully if you choose to make a three potato hash you have better luck in the process than I did but at the end of the day, my taste buds were very happy with this dinner and so I consider it a success, plus it was all so pretty!

Has this ever happened to you? Share your stories below.

A simple breakfast for two

PinsterBeing a gal who is completely obsessed with Pinterest, it is hardly shocking that a lot of my food inspiration comes from that deliciously addictive website. My boards are all so organized and pretty, they make me want to stare at them all day and just continue to add delightful new pins for hours on end…which is easy to do. A few days ago I came across a rather inspired idea for a simple yet flavor packed breakfast and I just had to get the ingredients for it straight away. The meal wasn’t anything that can truly be credited to anyone as there isn’t much cooking involved, so I will just call this a mashup of good taste being shared around the world in an effort to tickle taste buds and inspire smiles (and the name is my own wacky combination). Okay? Okay. 😉


Cook Time: 10 Minutes                  Serves 2

1 Hass Avocado, Mashed
2 Slices of Whole Wheat Bread, Toasted
2 Large Eggs
Hummus (my favorite brand is Sabra but this is up to you)
Coconut Oil Cooking Spray
4 Slices Turkey Bacon

Turn the oven to 400 degrees and arrange bacon on a foiled cookie sheet. Bake in the oven for approximately 10 minutes, flipping once halfway through, and then remove and transfer strips to a paper towel to remove excess grease and allow them to dry. If you like your bacon crispier, then leave it in longer but since turkey bacon is less fatty than regular bacon, it cooks really quickly and can burn just as fast. Keep an eye on it as oven temps differ.

Next, place the bread in the toaster and toast until desired color and texture. Once done, spread some hummus on each piece of toast and top with the mashed avocado and set aside on plates. Coat a small skillet very lightly with the coconut oil spray (which is a better alternative to butter but if you prefer that then use it instead). Turn the burner on medium heat and wait 1-2 minutes for the pan to get hot (don’t let the oil brown). Crack both eggs into the pan, one on each side, and allow to cook until the whites become solid. I find that everyone makes their eggs differently and any method will work for this meal so just go with whatever you normally do here. However, I think that it’s best to leave the yolk runny. If you are like me, gently separate the two eggs by cutting down the middle of the cooked whites and carefully flip them over and continue to cook for about 30 seconds. When the eggs are done, place them on top of the prepared toast pieces. Sprinkle with sea salt and pepper to taste. Divide the bacon up between the two plates and serve. I loved this breakfast so much and the concept of adding hummus to eggs and avocado was just incredible. I will definitely be making this again many times in the future. Enjoy!


Ending the weekend on a sweet note

img_3633This past week my hubby and I have been on a sort of staycation. It was spring break for me and he scheduled his first week long vacation from work at the same time. We originally wanted to go on a trip to either the theme parks (Disney or Universal Studios) or to Lakeland where we are thinking of moving next year. Instead we opted to stay home, relax, and basically just let things happen as the week went on without any set plans. It has been a great week and I’m really glad we were able to have this time together. We read a lot of books, spent lazy afternoons at Barnes & Noble people watching, ate some yummy meals, and did some things around our apartment that needed to be done. Nothing was rushed and it felt so good.

This weekend was actually the busiest that we’ve been all week. Friday night I had my usual dinner out with my mom. We went to Carrabba’s and I completely forgot to take any pictures for my weekly Friday posts. I’ll be on top of that this coming week, I promise. Hehe! My meal was delicious, which is really no surprise given the place. Carrabba’s is generally pretty consistent with what they offer. I had the prosciutto wrapped pork with potatoes and a glass of  their AMAZING blackberry sangria. Seriously, I had a love affair going on with that drink and I was so sad when my glass was empty. Yum! Last night Matt and I went out on a double date with our friends, Megan & Stephan and we had such a great time. We haven’t seen them in a while but img_3634that never seems to matter. Whenever we get together it is like no time has passed, which could be due to us being connected on social media too but conversations literally pick right back up without missing a beat. Again, I didn’t take any pictures of our food but that’s okay. We were just too busy chatting and laughing, emphasis on the latter. To start we shared baked brie served with fruit, bread, and a whole roast garlic bulb that Stephan was all about. For dinner I had pork again (I may be a bit obsessed with the other white meat) and it was stuffed with spinach and blue cheese. It was served with potatoes that were topped with an apple chutney and a side of roasted butternut squash. To drink I had a mango tango cocktail that had a bunch of yummy things in it but I can’t remember what they were. What I do know is that it was delish! The rest of my party had New York strip steaks with veggies and fries and for dessert they had peach cobbler, which Stephan was so excited about that he sang “peach cobbler” in an opera voice. It was hilarious, I assure you! Matt and I shared the chocolate lava cake, to which he leaned in to me and said mine is much better…aww. LOL

At the end of our wonderfully relaxing and fun-filled week I found myself in the mood for pancakes this morning. This is truly shocking considering I actually dislike pancakes but for some reason I occasionally crave them. Luckily, because my husband loves them so much and because he is obsessed with chocolate, we had both mix and Tollhouse morsels in the pantry. I even cut up a banana and cooked the slices in a skillet with some syrup, cinnamon sugar blend, and a tiny pat of butter until they were nice and caramelized. Now I realize that this may not be the healthiest of meals but I just don’t care. The pleasure of savoring each and every bite and being our lazy Sunday before getting back to the grind of life far exceeded any need to stress over calories. So, here are some pictures of all this buttery, chocolatey, yummlicious goodness…eat your hearts out!

I hope you all had a great week/end too…what sorts of fun things did you do? Share in the comments below and cheers to another wonderful week ahead!